Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Beauty Diary Platinum Nanocolloid mask review

What they say:

"Platinum Nano Fights against Age
Japanese platinum nano material has great anti-aging effect by preventing drying and dullness of skin.
Japan-introduced mask material, fragrance and alcohol free:
Introduced from Japan, the highly fitting mask material is 100& fragrance-and alcohol-free. With gentle and pure texture, it offers the skin a fresh feel without discomfort.
Low Electronic potential makes prolonged moisturization possible:
It absorbs moisture content in skin (WTH?!), increases moisture retention and prolongs skin hydration.
Nano-Biotech Double Vehicle:
A combination version of nanospheres and MLC, multi-layer capsulation, seals active ingredients in multiple layers of bio substances, then through a controlled time-released effect the ingredients, works on skin by degrees and so are absorbed more easily in epidermis"

What I say:

Don't you just love the Chinglish? xD
This mask is part of the "Luxury line" of MBDs, which also include White Tea Peony, Camilla and White Truffle.
This Nanocolloid variety (I really wanna call it "flavour" cos there's so many different varieties that it's like a sweet shop xD) is supposedly targeted for anti-aging purposes, so to THE person who got this for me...not that I'm mentioning names or anything... *stank eye*
I tried Googling "Platinum nanocolloid" and all I got in return was a bunch of scientific gobbledeegook, patents show that it's something invented by a bunch of Japanese guys, and from what I can make of it, it's essentially tiny platinum particles, suspended in a fluid. I've seen photos of fruits that were rubbed with platinum nanocolloid and as a result, they don't rust. I think that means it's an antioxidant, as in it works by preserving your skin xD. Why the heck am I suddenly reminded of the Red-Ox table from high school chemistry?

Give me exclusion clauses any day.

Moving along! I'm sure by now you all know of my unwavering love for MBDs by now (read my original review here ), and if these "Luxury" MBDs are an improvement on the regular MBD line, then I will climb DOWN mountains. for them.
These Luxury line masks are packaged much the same way as the originals MBDs, with a plastic backing sheet in individual packets, however, they come in a box of 6 instead of the regular 10.
The mask fabric is of a different texture and also much thinner than the originals. As a result, they are more prone to tears during use. I think I've torn mine every time I used them T.T. Thank god it's just a mask. No further elaborations. xD
Instead of having several adjustment notches along the edges of the mask, the luxury masks only have 2 notches on either side of the cheek area.
Fit wise, they are both better and worse than the originals, they're a better fit around the face, there's no excess fabric to tuck away, the nose area fits much better, however, it's worse in that the eye holes are much too small (for me at least) and I end up either having to rip them wider or sit with obscured vision.
There is slightly less essence in these masks compared to my Black Pearl MBDs, however, they are sufficiently saturated to last through the usual 35-45mins that I keep my masks on for.
As to their effectiveness, I have to say the results I get with these "Luxury Line" masks are no different than the ones I got from the original MBDs. I see a brightening effect, my skin is softer, more hydrated, and redness and inflammation are visibly reduced.
For some odd reason, and I'm probably alone here, but each time I use this particular mask, I inevitably wake up with small white heads, however, this does not happen with any of the regular MBDs that I use. Maybe I'm allergic to the that allergy does not apply to jewellery so don't even think about it person that I'm giving stank eye to!

Damage: C$14.99-C$19.99 for a box of 6. Considerably cheaper if you buy in Asia.
Final Verdict: Unless you REALLY have an issue with the fit of the regular MBDs, these aren't worth the price hike. At their cheapest, they're the same price as a box of regular MBDs not on special, however, you'll be getting less masks than you would get in a box of regulars. For me at least, they deliver the same results as the regular MBDs, so you're essentially paying for the fitting of something you're gonna have on your face for 45mins. Buy only if you're curious and it's on special xD.

Photo time!

Before. If you're interested you can click on the photo to enlarge it. Aside from my right cheek which is currently going through Vitasoy Breakout 2010, what you're seeing is about 6 months of consistent Black Pearl MBD use. For a photo of what my skin looked like before see here.

The thinner fabric and cut of the mask really makes for a much better fit compared to the regular MBDs.

After approx 40 mins. Can you actually see any difference? I must say I really can't... My skin does feel more moisturised and it feels softer to touch. Shoddy camera aside, I would say that my complexion on the whole is brighter after use. Most noticeably a small mark on the left of my cheek is significantly less red after the mask.

Great, now there's an internet record of what my face looks like bare T.T
Oh and the Pookie had a request:

Er......yeah.....I have no words either.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review hehe now I want it since you said you would climb down a mountain for one! I already like regular MBD masks so this sounds promising as well. I keep my masks on for 45 minutes too. XD Too bad you wake up with whiteheads though!

    I think you look great before and after the mask! :)

  2. i always love your reviews and your sense of humor
    stank eye indeed

    i find that the luxury masks do nothing special for me either
    its just one of those things you HAVE to try just for the heck of it

    thanks for the great review =)



    Hun, I went to Oakridge, but I think the store you were talking about is closed :(

    Was it the huge bag store beside the Zellers?

  4. I am dropping here for the 1st time, hulla am your follower now. Great review! I always curious to know how this work since the name sounds like so grand... havent got my hands on this yet :)

  5. I'm going to have to come back to this post when I have the time to read it, but from the looks of it you put on the mask WAY better than me! It fits so much better too.
    LMAO at the Pookie's request!!

  6. Uh well DUH.. I came by for a reason but then got distracted by your actual post LOL. I wanted to say that I know it sounds crazy I pierced my own ear but seriously.. it was on a total whim. Any other day? Forget about it haha.
    (Even I was surprised at myself LOL)

  7. Aw, why did you look so sad? Nanotechnology in skincare is a good idea since it can encapsulate the particles in small nanospheres and deliver them deeper into your skin. If not for nanotechnology, the same result can be acquired but you need to slather a lot more material and leave them a lot longer on your skin. Both are time consuming and expensive. And not to mention allergic reactions, which is another story.