Friday, April 16, 2010

Awards, 5 facts about me and the greatest Ramen restaurant of all time.

Awards from Superwoolu!!! Every time I read this girl's blog, I end up breaking into fits of giggles. For some reason in my (obviously) flawed mind, I keep thinking we've got a lot of similarities, from childhood experiences with Yes! magazine to taste in shoes xD
So as a condition to accepting these awards, I'm suppose to share 5 random facts about myself. Stop feeding my vanity. Next thing you know I'll have a FormSpring account.

1. I am terrified of clowns. I can sort of restrain myself from freaking out too much now that I'm an adult, but heaven forbid if one just pops out at me suddenly. Even Ronald McDonald creeps me out. Blame it on my parents using Chinese opera masks to scare me to sleep as a child. Yeah, I have no idea why they did that T.T

2. I cannot stand it when people butcher the English language. I refuse to acknowledge that "alright" is a word and that a sentence can start with "because". I cannot punctuate to save my life but I am obsessed with spelling and grammar.

3. I can speak fluent Dutch. I have no idea why. I spent 5 years learning French, lived in France and yet all I can say is "I'd like a ham and cheese sandwich please". I didn't even intentionally learn Dutch and yet I can speak, read and understand it with an 80% proficiency. Deep down I'm just a barbarian.

4. I have a "thing" for Dr. Gregory House. The bf and I have these conversations where he does Horatio Caine one liners ("We never close. *puts sunglasses on*") and I do House one liners ("Who's here with a runny nose? it's a cold! it will get better. Go home."). Omg we have an odd relationship -___-

5. I don't eat pork. Yeah, the moment Chinese people hear this, they're all like "why??!!!". I grew up in a largely Jewish neighbourhood, most of my friends were Jewish, and Pesach was practically a school holiday.  As a result I grew up not eating pork. The smell and taste of pork actually makes me want to throw up. My parents also do not eat pork. The only way I'll ingest anything pork related is if it's pork bones used to make soup xD. I've had a lot of people aggressively tell me that if I'm not Muslim then I must eat pork, I introduce them to my middle finger.

I pass these awards onto:
Nat, and

Onto food!
We'd heard that this absolutely amazing ramen house had recently opened up on Robson and we of course had to check it out to see if it lived up to all the hype.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

(604) 681-8121
1690 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

The bf had the "Limited Quantity" Toroniku Shoyu Ramen (pork cheeks).
My Shiro ramen.

Can you tell I'm happy?

Verdict: Kintaro? who's Kintaro? This place has THE BEST ramen we've ever had in anywhere! Between the two of us that includes...over 10 countries!
I don't even eat pork and I still drank ALL the soup! It was so rich and flavourful, and the noodles were perfect! Omg looking at these photos make me wanna go back!
Apparently they're part of a very famous international chain and this branch is the first one to open in Canada.
Sheila and Chyi, when you girls get here I am SO bringing you here!


  1. I'm really scared of clowns too. I get nightmares if I see one or even think about them!!

    @_@ And, omg, now I must go visit you. Even if it is to just eat ramen noodles, lol! It looks so delicious! *droool*

  2. Hey look over their! I see the kids playing with there balls. Let's go walk over they're and play with them lol Are you crawling in your skin yet? My grammar isn't the best, I admit, but I hate it when people don't know the basics!

    You Vancouverians (?) have got the best food in Canada! The ramen looks SO SO good! Let's hope the chain finds it's way to the T.O.

  3. Ooh the ramen looks good...something i'll keep in mind if i ever visit vancouver :)

    Wow you speak Dutch? Thats quite unusual! Do you do anything with it like translation or tutoring people?

  4. Aw man! We don't have ramen resaurants around here!

    Looks good though!

    <33 Rena

  5. Aw thanks for awards girl~ My oh my, that ramen looks DELISH! I'd love to go to a ramen restaurant one day. Why is it all the way in Vancouver? BOO!
    I think I'll just settle with making homemade ramen right now. Thanks for indirectly suggesting what I should eat for lunch! =D

  6. bwahhaa Mr. W loves House too!! he loves this guy so much I'm thinking, marry him already!! =__=;; and how did you pick up dutch?? I have a hard time learning a language, esp french even though I've been learning it for 7 years. All I remember from classes are "I need to pee, where is the washroom?" But I don't get peeved with using because at the beginning of a sentence if it's used properly :p I just don't like it when people say "anyways" ANYWAY!!!.

  7. I dunno if you can still see this.. but I'm not going through your entire blog bc I realized I missed some entries (I blame the crappy VPN from when I first got here XD).

    First, thank you for the award!! You're too lovely =)

    Second, that ramen looks DELISH! Can't wait to meet up with you. If you're up for it, we can do lunch on a week day somewhere downtown? I'll be heading there a few days after I get back anyways. Let me know =) (If you don't reply me in some form... I will twitter you about it, bc then I will just assume you didn't see this, lol)