Thursday, April 15, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty of London FOTD

Have I ever told you guys about my obsession with teal eye shadow? I have a primal NEED to own every teal eye shadow ever made and I am utterly besotted with my collection of teal eyeshadows. No, I'm not gonna show it to you lest you think I have some kind of disease. However, for all my infatuation, I actually have zero clue on how to actually wear teal...BUT that's what the internet is for no? During one of my searches, I came across Temptalia's blog (for some reason I keep thinking that back then her blog was called Jezebelle or Jezebella. Am I going mad?). This girl clearly has the same teal eyeshadow disease I have!! (Check out Temptalia's collection of teal looks )
With the recent MAC Give Me Liberty of London collection, a gorgeous blackened teal was released!! You bet your bum fluff that I all but ran to get mine xD
I finally had some time to play with it yesterday <3

Shell Pearl gives this gorgeous glowy effect:

Haha, you can glimpse the Pookie behind me xD

Eye detail: (yes yes I'm due for threading xD)

Still getting over the remnants of my Soy Outbreak of 2010, on top of that my nose is peeling on the side. How sexy T.T

MAC Gold Tease (Light gold) - Large fluff shader brush. Applied all over lid;
MAC Wild Wisteria (Aqua with gold pearl) - Medium shader brush. Applied to middle third of lid. Blend into Gold Tease;
MAC Botanical Blue (Blue with green peal) - Fluff brush. Applied to outer third of lid and blended into crease;
MAC Birds & Berries (Blackened teal) - Pencil brush. Applied to outer third of upper lash line, bring up and into crease for definition;
MAC Social Climber (Pinkish white) - Blending brush. Applied to highest point under brow to highlight;
MAC Gold Tease ( Light gold) - Pencil brush. Applied to inner half of lower lash line;
MAC Birds & Berries (Blackened teal) - Pencil brush. Applied to outer half of lower lash line;
L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner (Black) - tight line upper lash line and thin line as close to lashes as possible, wing out slightly.
Annabelle metallic eye kohl in Curacao (Bright metallic blue) - Applied over liquid liner on upper lash line and on outer half of water line.
Flamingo mascara (Black).

MAC Studio Fix fluid - Applied with a damp sponge to center of face and blended outwards;
Formula D Mineral Finishing powder (custom blend) - Kabuki brush. All over face.

NARS Orgasm (applied to apples of cheeks)
MAC Shell Pearl (applied as highlight)

MAC Peachstock (matte peach nude).

By the way, is this way of explaining FOTDs easier to follow?


  1. aw ilurves this look! :D and peachstock ls looks great on you nunu! in fact, nudes just really flatter you (i'm stil having a hard time finding a nude color i like)!!

  2. Wow, teal definitely looks great on you! I love this look a lot - it actually reminds me of the look I did with my YSL Eye Shadow Duo Oatmeal/Petroleum Blue.

    The nude lips and pinkish-peach cheeks completes the look beautifully!

  3. I really like the way you did you eyes. perfect.


  4. I think teal looks great on you. I'm surprised there were so many other MAC colors used because in your first pics, I thought it was only the London teal color.

    I also agree with Sooji on the nude lips. Is this the same color you use often for your FOTDs?

  5. thanks for following! I gave that collection a miss but the eye makeup looks very pretty on you! I can never pull off blue but it looks awesome on you!!

    thats a very pretty nude.. i was tempted to buy that lipstick but resisted :P

  6. pretty pretty eyes! I could never pull that off lol

  7. love the look, especially your blending! Soy outbreak? *scratches head*

  8. Oh and according to Temptalia yes she used to go by Jezebella.

  9. And it's no wonder you love teal shadows! It looks great on you!

  10. wow the color is gorgeous! it's like the color of the lake.... when it's clean XD

  11. the more looks i see done with birds&berries the more i want to kick myself for not getting it

    peachstock is a gorgeous pale look on you!