Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flamingo mascara review

I got on board with Miss Yumeko's group order for the mascara that was "the shit" (read her review here). A big thank you goes to Yume-chan for going to all this extra trouble and for all the extra goodies!
I got my stash a couple of days ago and after much fiddling about, I'm ready to give you guys the low down.
The box comes with 2 tubes of product, one is a "Transplanting gel" and the other contains the "Fibers", together they purport to be able to "Make your eyelashes inconceivability".
This is a fiber mascara along the same lines as Imju's Fiberwig. If you're foreign to the world of fiber mascaras, it's basically mascara with little bits of fiber in it. The fibers can be made out of nylon, silk or any of a number of other natural or man made materials. The concept is that these fibers will adhere to your natural lashes thus lengthening them.
Unfortunately, my grasp of simplified Chinese isn't exactly the best in the world (especially when there's no food involved) and it definitely doesn't extend to chemistry so I can't really give you a complete list of ingredients. I can tell you that it contains; water, bees wax, Carnauba wax, ash(?) black, and nylon...I think.
Texture wise, the Transplanting gel appears to be different from the average mascara. It's thick yet liquidy at the same time...does that make any sense?! Imagine maple syrup ok.
There's also a potential for mess because each time you pull out the wand, some of the gel trails out behind it T.T
Removal is a breeze, just warm water and the mascara slides right off.

The Transplanting Gel brush head:

Fiber brush head:

1. Apply a layer of Transplanting gel from root to tip of lashes;
2. Apply a layer of Fiber from root to tip of lashes before the Transplanting gel dries;
3. Apply another layer of Transplanting gel;
4. Apply a layer of Fiber to tip of lashes;
5. Apply a final layer of Transplanting gel.

Here are my uncurled naked lashes:

After 1 layer of Transplanting gel:

After 1 layer of Fiber:

Another layer of Transplanting gel:

Another layer of Fiber to the lash tips:

Final look:

See the tiny fibers clinging to my lashes?

The box recommends that you repeat the whole gel + fiber process until you get your desired effect.
As you can see in my final photo, my lashes have been lengthened considerably and the mascara also gave my stick straight lashes a bit of a curl.

In case you're curious here's what it looks like on curled lashes:

Does not weigh down lashes and keeps curl well.

Impressive no? Definitely lives up to its "The Shit!" reputation! My only wish is that it offers a bit more in the volume department as my lashes are definitely on the sparse side T.T. However, this does mean NO MORE FALSIES!!! whoo hoo!!! I sucked applying them anyways xD

Length, length and more length;
Does not clump even after a bazillion coats;
Did not notice any irritation even though I wear contacts;
Slight curling effect;
Zero flaking or smudging;
Easy removal;

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands in the morning, this whole gel + fiber repeat thing can be very time consuming;
Not easily accessible outside of Asia;
Cheap packaging - the lid of one of the tubes has become separated from the top of the wand;
Does not build much volume;
Straight wand is a bit hard to work with but I guess one can always bend it.

Damage: US$12 and cheaper.
Verdict: Recommended if you're looking for a mascara that gives you a false lash effect!


  1. glad it works for you!! i like it a lot too but totally agree. it can be time consuming at times

    i think i slather on a lot of coats of fibre at one go though rather than repeat [lazy hahaha]

  2. I think you already have long lashes to begin with... hehe~ :)

  3. Wow! I want to try this now. XD I like the concepts of easy removal + no smudging/flaking.

  4. Wow that looks great!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  5. your eyelashes are long to begin with nunu... what in the world!!! xD i juts wanna squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze you!!!

  6. btw i really find these reviews you've been doing great! keep up the great work! :D

  7. Those fibres look kinda funny. It's time like these I dislike living in Europe :( Would love to try something like this.

    Yes, I'll be going to Vancouver with my siblings, (YAY)
    To attend my cousins wedding as a bridesmaid in a ... not so flattering dress in a not so flattering colour (NO YAY) But, yes I would love to meet up with you one day if you have the time. I don't know that much about Vancouver nightlife either, hopefully you can give me a few pointers. I can't wait to meet you! \(^o^)/

  8. Niahahahahah I have this coming my way soon!! <3

    But you know, I have found that Clinique High Impact Curling mascara really loves me, and I've been using it everyday now (I got a sample in Vienna). It gives me gorgeous false-lashes look too, but I know I still need to try this one. Lashes are always better bigger =P

  9. wow that's crazy! When I first saw the fiber it freaked me out..I now understand how that works!..very interesting! btw, you are born with a really nice set of lashes. I know a bunch of ppl that would love to have what you have, so pretty ^_^

  10. huh. I've never see gel and fiber on eyelashes before, but they do make your eyelashes look like it goes for miles. Very flirty indeed!

  11. Wowowowow! The fiber thing is weird! Goes to show how much more advanced they are in Asia. Looks great on you!

    BTW, I love how you're posting more. Can't wait to see what you post about the IMATS!

  12. Woah! What a difference! You took great pics to show the progress too! The fibers look so cool. Does the black mascara thing get on the white mascara thing when you swipe again?(LOL so lazy to scroll up for correct terminology XD)
    I should give this one a try since I absolutely love the fiberwig one I bought! =D