Saturday, April 17, 2010

IMATS Vancouver 2010 Part 1

The post you've all been waiting for. There are just way too many photos so I'll be dividing this into several different posts. 

I got to the Pinnacle Hotel at around 8:10am, I got up at 6:45am to get ready because I thought there'll be hectic queues but even after they spent 20mins looking for my ticket, I was still one of the first 10 people to stand in line lol.

Working out my plan of attack...

First target? The Make Up For Ever booth. This one was gonna be a challenge as they were offering 40% at the show and from the looks of things, everyone and their mum were making a bee line for that booth. I actually ended up being the first person to be served xD. They had a great system where they handed out pieces of paper on which you write down the products you wanted together with your name and they would then call your name at the register. Once you've paid, you get your stash. All prices were tax in! HD Cream blushes were $18, Aqua liners were $12 and a 10 pan eyeshadow palette were $100-$120. Remember they do not restock! If you're gonna go, try go on the first day!

Who did I see when I got there? 

Kevin James Bennett!!!! OMG OMG OMFGOMGOMGOMGGGGG!!! *continue into incoherency* 

I was completely star struck!! Alas I was way too shy to speak to him, so I just stalked him for the next 4 hours at the show. I have a whole bunch of candid photos that I took of him that I'm not gonna show you xD.

Ongoing work at the MUFE booth.

Kinda creepy and amazing at the same time.

Micabella Cosmetics booth directly across from MUFE. 

Mineral foundation and eyeshadows.

Eye Kandy glitters. For some reason, this booth was never busy, I didn't really see anyone buying stuff from them.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! of the infamous OCC Lip Tars!

OCC pigments and glitters.

Nail polish. Now that I look at the photos, I really want the nude colour that's second from the left -__-

Crown Brush! This was at about 9am in the morning when I was making my first round and there was already a queue around the corner. I've never seen so many brushes in my life! Unfortunately no photos, I was there on my own and I had to carry my bags and grab brushes at the same time. Prices ranged from $20 for a large deluxe face brush to $2 for a shader brush. My only complaint? many of their brush lines were not there e.g Luna series, and they also did not have the blush palette or the 88 warm palette.

Royal Brush booth. Oddly quiet, everyone was at the Crown Brush booth instead, probably because their prices were a bit higher. Quality wise, I found Royal's brushes to be better. Their face brushes were much softer and denser than Crown's. However, if you're only after eye brushes, you can't go wrong with Crown. Royal has the biggest and softest Kabuki brush I've ever felt (I couldn't stop groping it) for $10 and an absolutely amazingly powder brush for $16.

Naked Cosmetics Booth. They specialise in a line of pigments made out of pure oxidised mica. They can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, made into nail polish or lipgloss. I was sold when they said the words "lipgloss". They also sell a primer which can be used to mattify the finish of the pigments.

They were $30 for a set of 6 pigments, $50 for 2 sets and $120 for a train case containing 6 sets of pigments and the primer.

Yaby booth. Do not be deceived by the photo, the pans were smaller than a 1cent coin! The eyeshadow palettes were under $90 each and the blush palettes were under $50 each. I swatched a couple of their shadows and the blushes and I must say, I feel they're about the same quality as the Crown palettes (88 shimmer palette and blush palettes). The blushes are matte and run slightly chalky, the shadows come in matte and pearl finish (the pearl finish palette was more expensive), and I'd say the pearl finish shadows are less frosty than shadows from the 88 palettes.  In fact while I was there at the booth, a customer showed them her 88 palette that she'd just bought and asked the Yaby SAs what the difference was between the two that accounts for the price difference. The SAs were actually at a loss to explain and in the end could only shrug and say that their palette was made in Canada.

Naimie's booth. From what I saw, they sold things like UNII palettes, sponges, sifter jars and other odds and ends.

NARS booth. No discount offered, regular prices, plus tax T.T I'd rather go to Sephora. (Psst! btw...that MUA behind the counter? with the long blond hair? she's a "lady" xD)

To be continued...Part 2


  1. IT WAS ONLY $12?????????? AND THE BLUSH WAS ONLY $18??????


    I should've flown back just for that... or sent you $1000 to spend there on just MUFE stuff... argh.

    Oh well, IMATS is going to be in Toronto later this year... hopefully I can go =D

  2. I want to get the HD blushes for sure this year! They weren't out yet when IMATS was in Toronto. Can't wait to see what you got!

    That was strange that the Yaby sales people could not defend their product - I know that Pursebuzz has said the 88 palettes don't blend as well as the Yaby palettes. I really should compare mine...haven't used the 88 yet.

  3. Omg! I'm in service now... And couldn't help checking out ur post XD having the touch is deadly lol. Amazing pics can't wait til I gethome and properly read ur post :)

  4. ahhhh NARS!!! i hope you picked some up!

  5. oops just read your caption.. ahh too bad no discount :(

  6. booo to the no discount Nars counter :(

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  9. OMG you were the first person served? You crazy fast girl!
    The place looks really cool. Maybe.. MAYBE one day I'll attend the Toronto one XD