Sunday, April 18, 2010

IMATS Vancouver 2010 Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Any Fringe fans? I catch an episode here and there and although I'm really lost with the story line, I find it really intriguing and I always try to watch it whenever I can. I will insistently call Joshua Jackson's character in Fringe, "Pacey" xD (if you're old like me, you'd have invariably watched a TV series called "Dawson's Creek". Joshua Jackson played the character Pacey Witter)
I braved the scary canary SFX "museum" to take these photos for your viewing pleasure.


Looks so real.

Hello fellow colleague. 

Proactive maybe?

Whole new definition of "to have and to hold, till death do us part"

No idea who these guys are.

Ok, now this was creepy!

I'm so glad I haven't had lunch yet...

This one I recognise! His name is "March Hare" and he was a character in a modern remake of Alice in Wonderland on SyFy channel. Incidentally, the movie was actually shot partially in my office building xD

Students working on their contest pieces. The theme was Alice in Wonderland.

More SFX makeup.

Hey, do you think they'll buy it if we walked in to work like this one day and claim we were burnt?

OMG!!!! IS THAT KOREN??!!!! and he's standing next to....KEVIN BENNETT??!!!! *faints* yes, I admit it, I completely stalked them like a fan girl! Koren was actually the Crown Brush educator, I missed his 9am seminar due to MUFE madness :(

Blanche Macdonald booth. I would really love to enroll in one of their makeup classes should I ever find the time to.

Time for a seminar! I went to Eve Pearl's seminar where she gave a talk and did a demonstration on applying HD makeup to Asian skin tones. We learnt how to match foundation, which concealer shades would be more flattering, and application technique. Most interestingly, she recommends that we use two different shades of foundation, one lighter and one slightly darker. Using the darker shade directly on blemishes or redness would cancel them out. The moment a foundation turns grey and chalky on application, it is too light! She explained how the traditional yellow toned concealer on under eye circles would give "reverse raccoon eyes", as yellow mixed with the blue veins under our eyes would equate to a green under eye area T.T

Philippino skin tone demo: 

East Indian skin tone demo:

After the seminar I popped by the Eve Pearl booth. 

They were offering discounts of up to 60% off! Her popular salmon concealer was only $25 instead of the regular $35, HD Powders were $29, regular $42, and the HD Dual Foundation was only $38, regular price $54.
I was eyeing the blush trios which were only $20 (regular price $36) and she has a really beautiful nude pink lippy for $12.

Eve giving a makeover. The model had absolutely gorgeous skin and seeing the salmon concealer used up close really shows how amazing it is.

Eve let me hold her Emmy award!!! That thing was heavy! Lol Eve is quite a hilarious character, she kept on talking about the loudspeaker hanging from her bum xD

Work progress at MUFE.

I decided I needed more brushes so I went back to Crown. This was what I saw:

As I was standing in the never ending queue for Crown, I checked out the makeovers going on around me.

Body work.

Air brush makeup at Kett Cosmetics.


Kett's house line of products. I believe they are designed for use with an airbrushing system.

They also sell a line of brushes called Cozzette. I think the prices were around $30 for a blush brush, less if you're a professional MUA.

Vancouver Film School's final product! This was absolutely gorgeous!!!

I really admired the head piece!

HollyNorth booth. They sold a large variety of brands, I saw some Ben Nye, Kryolan, MUFE amongst others. I think it's mostly for theatre? Hee! that girl in the green on the left was so funny, she said she's acting as if I wasn't taking a photo, so this is her "nonchalant" face xD

Frends booth. Another exhibitor carrying theater makeup. They also carried some ZPalettes.

So I stood in line for about 30mins to get to the brushes, and guess who was hovering above my head making suggestions on what brush to buy?

None other than Koren!!!!Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! I think my eyes popped out when I looked up and saw him! I blubbered for a few minutes. I told him that it's quite surreal to speak to him in real life and that to avoid future instances like mine, he should walk around with a cardboard cut out of a Youtube frame around his head. We're more used to him that way xD. He's such a nice guy! he helped me pick out all my brushes and offered really good tips on how to use them. It seems like no matter how famous you are, there are still people in the world who don't know who you are; there were a couple of girls in the line behind me who didn't know who Koren was and were talking rudely to him and ordering him about T.T *cringe* He was still super nice to them tho!

Ok too much excitement for one night, I shall continue my IMATS chronicles tomorrow.
To be continued...
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  1. wow! the event looked so much fun!! the SFX makeup looked very realistic and grotesque at the same time.. awwww its always good to meet someone you're a fan of! its never happened to me before!

  2. LOL! Koren is super nice, I met him at the MAC Pro store a while ago with pursebuzz. Both were really nice, and Pursebuzz was twitpicing with me. LOL! I am jelly that you got to go!

  3. Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous pics of your IMATS chronicle with us! Oh my gosh, I can totally feel how 'strange' it feels to meet a 'celebrity' in real at once, hehe...

    You look super pretty and cute in the photos!

  4. omgosh that museum is so awesome but so morbid!!! and KORENNNNNNNNN!!! you lucky bum!! (I cursed the same thing when you twitted that bwahha)

    and i still call Joshua Jackson Pacey LOL. I call James Vanderbeek Dawson too... i'm all about efficiency, no full names! except Katie Holmes, she's no Joey after getting married... nope, she's The Woman Crazy Enough To Marry Tom Cruise (who btw, is like the shortest man on earth).