Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yes I am still alive! Just taking a temporary hiatus for the Summer.
Will be back soon!!!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She to Shic Beauty Lounge and BookingNest

Summer is finally making an appearance in Vancouver, and that means it's sandal season! Although sandal season has always historically coincided with unsightly feet season, it need no longer be that way!
BookingNest is a brand new Vancouver based website that allows you to book appointments with wellness and beauty professionals. Think OpenTable, but with spas, hair salons, fitness instructors, and  massage therapists instead of restaurants! BookingNest allows you to find professionals offering the service you want in your area, view their real time availability and instantly book an appointment with them online, any time.
Currently they have over 90 professionals located throughout the greater Vancouver area, treating yourself to some pamper time has never been easier!
BookingNest recently approached me to review one of their members, so with my feet in desperate need of a pedicure, I toddled off to She to Shic Beauty Lounge in Kerrisdale.
The first thing I noticed when I walked into She to Shic Beauty Lounge was the scent, specifically the absence of that chemical scent usually associated with nail salons, instead the air smelled of luscious fresh citrus. This is because She to Shic prides itself in being the first completely green and eco-friendly beauty lounge in Vancouver. All their products are organic and contain no formaldehydes, preservatives or dyes. Because of this expectant mums and little princesses can visit worry free!
In addition to the usual manicures and pedicures, She to Shic also offer waxing, lash extensions, and hair and makeup services.
No dark and dingy interiors here! The award winning design includes plenty of natural lighting and open airy spaces. The decor is minimalist yet comfy (I so wanted to take a snooze in their loungers!). The nail stations are situated across from a big screen tv and there is a good selection of new releases they can pop in for your viewing pleasure.
I got to experience their classic pedicure which included a scented soak, shaping and buffing, cuticle cleaning (much needed!), a sugar scrub, lotion massage (glorious and you get to chose your own scent!) and polish application. You even get to take home the orange stick and nail file and all just for the sweet price of $35!
Spa Ritual polish is the salon's nail polish of choice, the polishes are vegan friendly in addition to being 3 free. Should you desire something more longer lasting than conventional polish they also offer gel polish.
For my pedicure I chose a gorgeous bright pink called Dreamsicle. In the interest of keeping this blog feet free, I will spare you photos of Sheryn's handiwork, but let me assure you that my toes are tres pretty and that despite the pedicure being over a week ago, the polish is still fresh and glossy looking with minimal wear.
Thank you BookingNest and She to Shic Beauty Lounge!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and can't wait to go back!
She to Shic Beauty Lounge
2315 W 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Make your appointment with She to Shic Beauty Lounge at BookingNest.com

Sunday, May 19, 2013

L'Oreal Miss Candy (US version Spring/Summer 2013) Color Infallible eyeshadow swatches

I had to whine ultra hard to a friend in the US to get my hands on these so you guys better appreciate it.
Whilst a similar collection was released in Canada under the name of "Miss Pop", the Canadian collection lacked the Infallible eyeshadows that were a part of the US collection. To further add to the confusion, a collection called Miss Candy was released in Canada and the UK IN 2012.
Contrary to my speculations, Dive Right In was not a dupe for Innocent Turquoise. It is lighter than Innocent Turquoise, bordering on silver, and the formula is smoother than Innocent Turquoise. Cherie Merie was also not a dupe for either Pepsi Coral or Magnetic Coral, it is darker and also lacks their flecks of gold and fuchsia respectively. Strawberry Blonde is an iridescent light pink, pigmentation is poor and it applies patchy and crumbly. With A Twist light purple reminiscent of grape gummies. It has a pink flash in the light.
If I wasn't such a hoarder I would probably only get With A Twist and Cherie Merie if I didn't have Pepsi Coral or Magnetic Coral.
I think I paid just under $10 including tax each.

With A Twist:
From left: With A Twist and Purple Obsession
Strawberry Blonde:
From left: Naughty Strawberry and Strawberry Blonde
Dive Right In
From left: Innocent Turquoise; Dive Right In; and Endless Sea
Cherie Merie
From left: Pepsi Coral; Cherie Merie; and Magnetic Coral