Sunday, May 19, 2013

L'Oreal Miss Candy (US version Spring/Summer 2013) Color Infallible eyeshadow swatches

I had to whine ultra hard to a friend in the US to get my hands on these so you guys better appreciate it.
Whilst a similar collection was released in Canada under the name of "Miss Pop", the Canadian collection lacked the Infallible eyeshadows that were a part of the US collection. To further add to the confusion, a collection called Miss Candy was released in Canada and the UK IN 2012.
Contrary to my speculations, Dive Right In was not a dupe for Innocent Turquoise. It is lighter than Innocent Turquoise, bordering on silver, and the formula is smoother than Innocent Turquoise. Cherie Merie was also not a dupe for either Pepsi Coral or Magnetic Coral, it is darker and also lacks their flecks of gold and fuchsia respectively. Strawberry Blonde is an iridescent light pink, pigmentation is poor and it applies patchy and crumbly. With A Twist light purple reminiscent of grape gummies. It has a pink flash in the light.
If I wasn't such a hoarder I would probably only get With A Twist and Cherie Merie if I didn't have Pepsi Coral or Magnetic Coral.
I think I paid just under $10 including tax each.

With A Twist:
From left: With A Twist and Purple Obsession
Strawberry Blonde:
From left: Naughty Strawberry and Strawberry Blonde
Dive Right In
From left: Innocent Turquoise; Dive Right In; and Endless Sea
Cherie Merie
From left: Pepsi Coral; Cherie Merie; and Magnetic Coral


  1. These look all so nice, especially the lilac and the mint shades!

  2. Hey I really appreciate the comparison swatches of Cherie merie, I've been trying to hunt it down but um... I already have magnetic coral so I think I can save the trouble :)

  3. I have Just, Just discovered these! I moved to France from London nearly a year ago and really miss the drugstores of back home, There is nothing quite the same here. I feel like I miss out on alot. Still, because I am behind the times I can pick some of the older shades up cheaply on Ebay, I feel a haul coming on! :) Do you find them easy to blend out?

    1. The sheerer shades easily blend out to nothing but a few iridescent sparkles. I always apply these using my fingers and I blend them either with my fingers or with a fluffy blending brush. No problems with blending either way.

  4. Looks like there are more Infallibles coming! Just saw the empty display for these at our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond while Black Friday shopping... the display listed the colors as: 755 gilded envy, 756 always pearly pink, 757 silver sky, 758 purple priority, 759 burst into bloom, & 760 timeless blue spark. The Beauty SA said that they will be getting more so hopefully it's not LE.

    1. I sawwwwwww!!!!! I am dying to get my grubby hands on them but alas they aren't here in Canada yet! I heard that those new colours are permanent so I'm fingers crossed they make their way here sometime soon.

  5. Im in the US and crazy about the corals and the teal/turquoise of the infallible line. Thanks a lot for the comparissons!

  6. Im in the US and crazy about the corals and the teal/turquoise of the infallible line. Thanks a lot for the comparissons!