Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder Pore Refining mask review

Once upon a time, in a land close to the North Pole, a Somalian pirate received a gift in the mail from her friend in Singapore (no she's much prettier than Chow Yun Fat). The gift made the Somalian pirate giddy with excitement because they were the much talked about Silk Whitia masks that she'd been hearing all about but could not get her hooks on as they were nowhere to be found in Vancouver town.

Allow me to tell you a funny story which might bring people with questionable keyword searches to my blog. The first time I used these masks, I wasn't aware of exactly how MUCH essence was inside the packet, so I just opened it anyhow. So there I was, lying down in bed, trusty Robert Jordon by my side, I ripped down the allocated edge...and....Girls, there's no other words I can use, but I was bukkaked (PLEASE do not Google this term unless you're over the age of 25, no I mean it!) on by a face mask. It just...exploded in my hands, landed all over me and I was left looking like the female lead of a certain Japanese film genre.


Ok, onwards! I believe the Pearl Finest Powder line comes in 3 varieties; whitening, moisturising and pore refining. My friend (Hiiiiiii Dreezy!!!!I'm sorry, I'm a terrible friend, I still haven't finished your pack T.T) thoughtfully sent me a couple of each variety so I'll be able to give my opinions on all 3 xD. As a  point of commonality, I apply these masks after cleansing and drying my face, I keep them on for 20-30mins, after which it is removed, I then rinse my face and apply night cream as usual. These, like my beloved MBDs, come individually packaged and have adjustment notches. The fabric is thin and clings to skin really well.

What they say: (Pearl Finest Powder series in general)

"The Pearl Finest Powder contains collagen to repair damaged skin and relieve fatigue. Restores vitality and effectively nurses the skin. Eliminated treat from external environment on skin leaving it healthy and natural." 

Pore Refining:

"The Botanical Astringent Essence contained refines pores and cures acne and blackhead. The Pearl Finest Powder revitalizes the skin leaving it smooth, fine and radiant." 

Before photos: (close ups on my pores and blackheads ahead, cover your eyes girls)

After Photo:
Face was brighter and skin was much smoother and softer after use.

Soy outbreak still very much visible T.T

Damage:  C$25-C$15 for a pack of 5. Often goes on 2 for 1 special at Sasa. Probably considerably cheaper in Asia.

After the whitening mask I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately this one wasn't able to stand up to the moon craters I have for pores (oh pore me). If I have to give them the benefit of doubt then I'd say it shrank my pores infinitesimally but nothing visible on a grander scale. I had no active acne when I tried this mask so I can't speak to that property, however, as you can see, my blackheads are very much uncured.
Despite this, my skin was left very soft and smooth, and it was pretty radiant.

Dislikes: Inconvenient both because you have to rinse after use and because it's hard to get outside of Asia. Application can get messy because the essence is pretty thick, almost like albumen just slightly more liquidy. Also the price might be a bit high for some?

Tip: If you intend to purchase these masks, see if you can grab some mask tablets while you're at it. They're basically dry masks that have been compressed into a tablet form. They'll soak up whatever liquid is it that you put them into, may it be toner, lotion or serum, and they'll unfold themselves in the process. These Silk Whitia masks truly do contain enough essence for two masks and since they're pretty hard to obtain outside of Asia, I'm ghetto enough to save the extra essence that's in the bag, stick it in the fridge, and use it the next day with one of my mask tablets.


  1. ahh i have the same blackhead probs around the nose! soooo annoying i always to get rid of them during shower time when the pores are open!

    your skin def look brighter in the 2nd pic! cute mask pic!

  2. ooh i use them the same way! using the tablets! but i always will combine with 2 packets as i think one is not really enough for another mask haha..

  3. OMG ROFL...your bukkake comment almost made me LOL at work. I don't know if it's sad that I know what that is...

    I've never seen those mask tablets before. That's a great idea to save extra essence b/c I've tried to figure out how to use/save it. I'll definitely use your tip. :)

  4. Haha, I loooove your writing style, babe. "Oh pore me"! Eeek, that was so cute. :)

    I'm looking into getting these masks, so what a nice coincidence you wrote up this entry just in time for me! Thanks be to you! So out of those masks, which ONE do you recommend the most?

  5. i have this mask on right now and i got curious about other people's findings online and stumbled upon your blog. did you know they sell silk whitia at shifeon? it's about $4-5. anyway, good review!