Saturday, April 3, 2010

The one with the shameful excuse for a post

In an effort to blog more...I've slapped together a bunch of photos, added some words, and will now deem it a post.


St. Paddy's day was a gorgeous sunny day so we drove out to the Fishermen's Wharf on Steveston with full intent to get some green beer...

Green beer was nowhere to be found so we got fish 'n chips instead. Pajo's is apparently famous for their fish 'n chips. My verdict? although the batter is light, it lacks crispiness, the fish was fresh and flakey, and their chips could really use some work as they were brown and soggy :( Doesn't come close to what I've had in Cape Town.

No green beer but at least my eyeshadow was green. xD was also wearing Dao's Formula D mineral foundation that she CUSTOM MADE for me!!! This is the first time I've ever used mineral foundation and I absolutely LOVE the results! Perfect flawless skin y'hear!

Yup them jowls are definitely developing!

I also hauled some MAC Give Me Liberty of London. I ended up getting Shell Pearl (absolutely gorgeous, my go to blush for the past 2 weeks), Birds & Berries (it's TEAL!omgawdineedit!) and Peachstock (if you found Freckletone too orange, this is perfect!)

I also made some Tom Yum Goon. I added basa fillet, seafood medley, tiger prawns, enoki mushrooms and Thai basil. Was SOOO yummy!! I drank all the soup xD Spicy goodness *drool*

Dropped by Burgers Etc to try out their burger which has been voted "Best Burger in the Lower Mainland". Verdict? Vera's is still better burgerwise xD but omg, get their beef brisket!!! it is the most amazing beef brisket I've ever had in my life!

Excuse the blurriness, I only had my Blackberry on hand, but this is their beef brisket. OMG I want one right now!!

We wanted to try out Le Faux Bourgeois but their wait time for a table was over an hour so we went to Burgoos instead. 
Irish stew. The lamb was so tender and flavourful!!

Brie Fondue. OH.MI.GAWD. I swear I could've drunken the cheese, it was THAT good!!!

According to food blog The Friday Lunch, we live within walking distance to a place which supposedly serves $4.95 lunch specials that knock your socks off.
Evidence: $4.95 chicken souvlaki. The chicken was tender, juicy and perfectly flavoured, the Caesar salad was as good as you can get for a Caesar salad, we couldn't get enough of the pita bread, and even though I hate eating rice, I ate ALL the rice.

Dessert time! The Pook insisted that we get cupcakes from OriginalCupcake, even after I told him all the reviews said they were dry and substandard to Safeway cupcakes.
The display was pretty enough.

Mine: Red Velvet, His: Salt Water Toffee. Notice the size difference T.T
Verdict: every bit as dry and substandard as the reviews said they were. A waste of $3 hmph!

And because I think my kids are the prettiest kids in the world, I felt they deserved some blog space.
My beautiful, beautiful girl, such grace, such poise.

The Brat, about to do something bratty xD Whaddaya mean I can't play with grandpa's fishies?!

Ending with, a photo of (yet another) Inukshuk, taken during sunset on English Bay.

I SWEAR I have some proper posts that I'm working on T.T.
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  1. oh my gosh!! all this freaking food! I'm drooling. Especially the tom yum one! I wish I had the patience to cook. lol that would so make me a better gf.

  2. Pretty green EOTD..sorry to hear that the fish and chips weren't that great. Have you tried Go Fish? I had a salmon burger there and it was SO good. I heard that their fish and chips aren't bad either.

    Oh that cupcake place I've been to! I actually walked there one day from my hotel (near the library) lol I agree, the store is cute with the colours..the cupcakes weren't that bad (in my opinion), but then again I haven't really tried any here in T.O.

    Hope you're having a great long weekend!

  3. My goodness, my foundie makes it to your blog! I can't believe it matches your skin. Your baby is so big. He would definitely scare Belly :) Nice pictures of food, you make me want to go to Canadaland!

  4. Cute kids...hehe. ;) Your food porn gets two thumbs up from me!

  5. Pajo's Fish n Chips are wayyyy over rated...not that great at all..and their service wasn't that good either.

  6. I love me some fish n chips! You need to try them 'ere in the east end of london wiv some mushy peas!!

  7. First of all I want to say I love your blog! I've actually been reading the whole thing from the beginning this week! lol it's becoming one of my faves! I just had to stop and comment here. I loves your food pron! And your babies are sooo cute! I had a rottie named Sasha and she was the sweetest (though slightly goofy) little girl She passed last year though :(

    But yeah I really likey your blog and can't wait to read more. Your make up always looks so nice too! Well um..yeah that's it! Have a smurfy day ^_^