Monday, April 26, 2010

Silk Whitia Finest Pearl Powder Moisturising mask review

Continuing my review on the Silk Whitia Finest Pearl Powder mask line. Once again as a point of generality, I apply these masks after washing and drying my face as usual, I keep them on for approx 20 mins, and then I rinse my face according to the directions.

What they say (for the moisturising mask):
"Also contains Hyaluronic Acid and hydrated pearl finest powder which quickly penetrate into the deep skin to improve dry condition. Locks moisture and energizes the skin."

What I say:
No more and no less moisturising compared to the other two varieties in the line. It's pretty hard to determine exactly how moisturising a mask is when it has to be rinsed off. Personally I would prefer a moisturising mask where my skin is allowed to absorb the remaining essence. If I have to rinse off the remaining essence I feel like I'm "wasting" something which my skin could've benefited from had it been allowed to absorb it. I know some girls dislike the feeling left behind by sheet masks and rinse off regardless, so it's just me.
I would say the most noticeable differences were that the fine lines under my eyes were plumped up and no longer visible, and my skin tone afterwards was much brighter overall. My skin was also baby bum smooth.
The essence is thick and has a bit of a tightening feel when it dries, kinda like an egg white mask.

Before photo:

After photo:

Damage: C$25-C$15 for a pack of 5. Often goes on 2 for 1 special at Sasa. Probably considerably cheaper in Asia.

Verdict: I would say the effects of this mask is on par with MBD masks, so if you find it too difficult to get your hand on these masks, just go the MBD route.

p.s: Feeling a bit under the weather today so this post might contain more punctuation and grammatical mistakes than usual.


  1. on the 2nd picture, you looked like you could use some sleep. Thanks for doing review of this mask. I'm sure I can't find it here :)

  2. I can definitely use some sleep!but it's also my lazy left eye T.T
    I never realised how bad it was until I started taking close up photos of myself without makeup!
    No wonder my mum is forever suggesting that I get it fixed!

  3. Seriously I have MAD respect for you!
    I could never post up a picture, let alone one with me bare!

    But I'm thankful cause it does allow us to see differences when they are there :)

    Thanks Nunu :)

  4. OI zulu pirate!!

    I think you are beautiful with or without your make up!!

  5. Thanks for this review~ I've always wondered if Silk Whitia was worth trying. Now I know I'm not really missing out =)

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