Sunday, April 18, 2010

IMATS Vancouver 2010 Part 3 (final)

Continued from Part 2

I couldn't resist the pull of the MUFE HD Blushes so I headed back to the MUFE booth.

She's all done! Absolutely amazing!

The artist and his work along with Mr. Bennett. I absolutely HAD TO sneak a photo of this!!

They posed for me!!!! They saw me taking photos and they just posed for me!!!! They look so adorable xD haha Kevin kept going on about how he's so glad he wore HD foundation that day and he was telling me to take the photo from a higher angle cos that's when he looks his best LOL!

Then he called me over and.....*Nunu died at this point and can no longer comment*

MAC seminar with MAC Pro senior artist Caitlin Callahan. She demonstrated the looks for Spring/Summer 2010. She also talked about her kit, interesting to learn that she never carries around lipstick, "takes up too much space", or lipgloss, "only a tube of clear gloss, as long as you have the primary colours you can mix up anything" and carries 2 tubes of concealer in place of any foundation, " foundation bottles take up way too much space and between these two (a light and a dark) concealers, I can pretty much match any skin tone. Foundation and concealer are pretty much the same thing, just one is more concentrated". For inspiration, she looks to art books (her background is in painting) and the makeup scene in England as she finds their work very ground breaking and unlike anything in North America. She also gave tips on how to do the perfect cat eye, "divide it into 3 parts. Firstly, a half inch long line from middle of eye to end of eye. Secondly, draw another half inch line from the inner corner of the eye to join with the line from the middle of the eye. Lastly, to do the wing, simply draw a line extending from the lower lash line upwards."

She's extremely animated, I don't have a single non-blurry photo of her -__-

Close up.

I loved her Louboutin booties!!!

Waiting for the students' competition prize giving. Apologies for the poor photo quality, the lighting was low and my camera was running out of juice.

This one really channeled Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter!

This one was my favourite!!!

My favourite one won!! Kenji Sato of Toronto was the winning artist.

Eerie and beautiful at the same time!

2nd place winner.

3rd place winner from Vancouver!

This model was so nice, she obligingly turned to face the window for me to take a photo xD

and finally, my haul:

All in all, it was an amazing experience. I saw lots, learnt lots, and met lots of amazing artists, including several long time idols of mine. The only negatives in my opinion is that there weren't many exhibitors compared to some of the other IMATS shows, and the exhibitors that did attend did not carry their full line of products. Several of the booths had reps that I felt did not really know much about the products and were only hired to man the booth. I didn't buy much, I'd anticipated doing a lot more damage but I'm pretty happy with my haul. Full reviews of everything coming soon!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the Alice in Wonderland models, they look so awesome! The one who won was the best, hands down. They deserved it!
    And hoooooly you bought so much =O Review please! (:

  2. wooo hooo awesome IMATS posts! hey..small world, I know Kenji Sato! congrats to him ^__^


    I think I almost died when I saw that pic!

    I was planning to go to IMATS but life really threw eggs at me this week, sadly there were more important things to tend to :(

    Thanks for all the pics though, it is as if I was there :)

    PS. Thanks for the pointers for the oakridge store, but my other friend has banned me from looking for those bags because I think she got me one! Haha :D

  4. Aww the IMATS looked fun! I'm so sad because I missed it since I totally forgot about it!!

  5. The IMATS look so fun. I can't wait to go to mine this coming summer... wheee~

    While looking at your pictures especially the makeup artists from MUFE, I started laughing. They're the same guys from last year IMATS in Cali. The guy on the right with the pony tail pinched my cheek out of the blue. He cracked me up!... lol~

  6. I spy.. Alice in Wonderland shirt! You are too awesome!!
    I was wondering when you were going to post your haul, you had got me curious. So many brushes and I bet every single one is so worth it! Oh my.. look at all those MUFE cheek products *love*

  7. I came across your blog through another blog. Anyways, I love your IMAT pictures. I love the Alice in Wonderland theme. I can't wait 'til the IMATS come to California!

  8. Great coverage and haul! Wow, all those HD blushes and brushes! :)