Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IMATS Vancouver 2010.

Just a short post to let everyone know that I will be attending the Vancouver 2010 IMATS. I have absolutely no idea why I think anyone would need to know this, perhaps this blog is getting to my head and I am becoming a vain pirate who thinks everyone is interested in her life.
Are any of you going? I got tickets for the Saturday and I would love to meet up with some fellow Vancouver bloggers, I am shy but I will peek at you from behind the pillar. Speak to me at your own risk, I might get too excited and vomit all over you like that Stan kid from South Park.
I am in the process of obtaining a craptastically cheap video recorder, when I say I am obtaining, it means the bf is doing it. Expect video quality to be around the Blair Witch Project mark, afterall, it is only $100.
If I run into Kevin-James Bennet or Koren , I might hyperventilate. Note: bring a paper bag.
If you hear terrified, nails on chalkboard type screaming, it is because I was unsuccessful in my attempt to avoid the special effects booth.
In the meantime, I would love some recommendations on what to buy from people who have been to previous IMATS shows. I heard MUFE is the place to bee-line as their discount is quite deep at the show. I've previously been burnt by the MUFE HD Powder (it gave me whiteheads and blackheads by the hundreds) so I am quite wary of their other products. Their eyeshadows also look intimidatingly bright (yeah this coming from a girl who own royal blue eyeshadow!). I hear good things on their primers! Anyone tried?
Crown and Royal brushes are also gonna be there, I'll definitely be picking up lots n lots of brushes!

Next post: Flamingo mascara review.


  1. OMG IMATS! I missed it when I was in London, even though I was gonna be there that weekend =(

    I really want a MUFE eyeliner in black... pretty please if you have a spare moment? =D

    I have the MUFE HD Primer in mauve, didn't really do much for me, I would skip if I were you. No coverage/colour correction/pore cover/nada. Go for the cream blushes!! Apparently those are the IT blushes this year.

    Are Crown brushes good? I need a blush brush but I have yet to find a really good one...

    P.S. There is Maquillage and some other Japanese makeup brands where I am... LMK if you need/want/crave anything =P

  2. Oh my god, Crown is going to be there! If you can find a synthetic flat top brush, please pick one for moi. I guess I'm fine with the fan brush, unless you can find a big, nice, and juicy one for the face.

    Have fun at IMATS and don't be scared of the FX people. Does your camera have a filming option? You can use that but it'll going to eat up the memory. Can't wait to see your post!

  3. I would suggest what Dao said too, just to use a camera, and buy a bigger SDHC. a 4G should suffice.
    but oh man...
    I am so jealous that your IMATS is now XD lol go cream blushes GO! haha...
    btw MUFE blush story...OMG! :( that is horrible, I hope that the other stuff you will try will be fine!

  4. Oh you're funny. I did bring a camera but was too busy shopping that I didn't take many pics, except for workshop time. Check out my posts on IMATS (look on the IMATS label) to know what to expect :-) Have fun

  5. Oh I'm going to go to the Los Angeles IMATs, so exciting. No you should tell people/bloggers because they might want to have a meet up! I wish I could meet ya. :)

    I would love to meet Koren too! He's so funny and talented.

  6. Haha too funny. How do you even come up with what you say?
    Sounds so exciting. Have fun and good luck girl!