Friday, May 7, 2010

Make-Up For Ever HD Microfinish blush review

What they say:

"The HD blush is formulated from pigments which were specifically selected for a perfect application. Thanks to its unique second-skin texture which can be blended endlessly, the HD Blush guarantees a radiant and glowing complexion, while providing a totally natural result."

What I say:

Part of my IMATS loot! I wouldn't even have known about these blushes if not for a fellow blogger asking me to pick up a couple for her while I was at the show. I'm not much of a MUFE girl, matte eyeshadow just never really appealed to me xD
Can you believe this is my first cream blush?! I suck at applying even regular powder blush so I've just never bothered with cream blush, however, these blushes have COMPLETELY changed my attitude towards blushes!
The texture can be described as ridiculously creamy and moussey,  it's thick enough to give precise control during application but feels non-existent on skin.
The MUFE artists recommended applying this blush with a dual fibre stippling brush, I tried that a few times but found that I ended up wasting a lot of the product as it gets absorbed by the brush. Instead, I found that gently dabbing it on with my index finger to be the best method of application. It does, however, tend to dry quickly so blend fast. Once dried, the finish is matte.
The pigmentation is absolutely amazing, build your coverage anywhere from a light natural flush to clown cheeks if that's your thing.
You know what's the best thing about this blush? other than the incredible texture, the amazing pigmentation, the etc. etc. blah blah, is that it actually provides you with some coverage, yes as in the type of coverage that foundation and concealers provide. My skin, as you all know, is far from perfect. I have a lot of scars from previous breakouts and my pores are the pits, but this blush actually makes my skin look better than it actually is by covering up all these imperfections! Must be this whole HD thing, but who cares, I'll take it!
Ok, I'll stop raving and give you some photos to look at now.

Colour No. 13 "Smooth Talker" - described as a "vibrant pale pink"

See!!! flawless finish right??!!! this is just the blush worn on top of my usual foundation, no concealer, no photoshop! Glow from within baby! and yes, that is a Pookie bum in the left hand corner of the photo xD

Some swatches: From top left - No. 4 "Walk of Shame" a bubblegum pink, No.3 "Truth or Dare" a hot pink. From bottom left - No. 5 "Nip Slip" a neutral pink, No. 6 "Quickie" a salmon pink.

Damage: C$29 plus tax for 0.33oz. I got mine at the IMATS for $19 each tax incl!!!!
Verdict: Price might be a bit high for so little product, but if money isn't an issue with you (will you adopt me?) then I think these might be the best blushes in the world full stop exclamation mark.! Alternatively, wait for the IMATS to come to town, or beg your buddies who are going to the IMATS to pick them up for you!


  1. Okay...I regret thinking that 13 would be too light...its really pretty on you!
    The korean girls in korea are all raving about this colour, but i thought it would be too light for me and not really show anything. but dang...,might have to add that to my imats list XD

  2. I thought the blushes would be in a bigger packaging, but I went to go look at it and it was TINY!!! They look so much bigger on camera..

    do you think that color 13 would work for Darker skinned asians??

  3. Other than lipsticks, I am a total sucker for blushes! Creams are nice but I haven't found one I loved yet. I may give this a try! It looks gorgeous on you! And like someone above said, I see this a lot on Korean girls.

  4. I love how this looks on you! :)

    Boo. But why does MUFE stuff always seem to break me out? *cries*

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous! Looks lovely on you! I've been hearing great things about this blush, too bad I cannot buy it anywhere here :(

  6. The blush looks sooo cute and pretty on you! I've been wanting such a bright pink for the longest, but most of these that look like that in the pan usually turn out too sheer to be seen on skin.

    You just made me wanna get this blush now, hehe...

    Oh, and I LOVE your FOTD! The way you lined your eyes look super sexy, and totally flatters your eyes! Also love your nude glossy lips! Beautiful!

  7. I LOVE MUFE! And girl, how can you NOT be gettin laid? You are rocking that look! I would totally hit that. :D

  8. The blush is really pretty. It makes me want to try out creme blushes

  9. I think this blush looks great on you! Btw, what eyeliner do you use? Is it liquid?

  10. I have never tried a cream blush before, but the way that they make your face glow, I gotta try it out now!

    LOL @maneater's comment :)

  11. This blush looks and sounds amazing! it gives you such a pretty and understated glow! I'll definitely add this to my wish list - thanks for the review!