Sunday, May 23, 2010

Please forgive my absence...

We've become parents to two girls xD
Please forgive my absence! we are busy keeping them fed and entertained -__- it's a full time job!

Get that camera out of my face!

We caught them in a possessed moment xD

I haz mades it to the top.

Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep!

I haz claimed mum's lap!

A sneak peek of things to come...


  1. They are super cuteee! where did you buy all the Canmake products?

  2. awwww cute! can we expect lolcatz type pics soon then? :P

    and oohh Canmake! I think I have the same blusher you got on the bottom left :)

  3. cute.... canmake, i think u pick up some really nice things <3

  4. I WANT YOUR KITTIES!! *cough*


    I got the nudy lips and cream cheek in a swap with eviee from Singapore, but I dunno how they are yet bc they got mailed back to Canada.. I look forward to your reviews/swatches =)

  5. ahhhh XD
    im so not a cat person but dang those babies are cute :)

    loved the posessed picture! kk, the satisfaction in playing with the toy

    one last work... CANMAKE XD

  6. Congrats, girl! They are both soo cute! *^_^*

    Ooh, nice Canmake haul. Can't wait to read your thoughts on each product.

  7. awwww look at them!!! sleepy kittens... undeniably cute~ hehehe

    nice canmake haul ;)

  8. OMG, they are so cute! Belly said, "Catz Rule!" and mumbled something about human beings are suckas. Also, he wants to claim the gray kitten as his apprentice. Mayhem can begin now :)

  9. How adorable! They're SO cute^^ My bf wants a cat, but I'm afraid of them scratching up the furniture (esp. the couches). How are your kittens holding up? Have they ruined any of your furniture yet?

  10. piiiiiiiiiink paws! your little kittens are adorable :)

  11. Aaw...

    And even more aaw... thay're so cute! Looks like you
    re about to make a photo album there :)

  12. Aww so cute! Must be nice to have pets around =)