Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crown brush duo fibre brush review

I finally got around to reviewing this brush a month after I got it -__-
In my defence, I hated this brush in the beginning, it sheds more than my dog, regardless of the amount times I washed it, more hair would inevitable come loose from the brush! For a while, I spent my free time pulling hairs from this brush in the belief that I would be able to save this brush by pulling off all the loose hairs.
This is supposedly Crown's answer to MAC's 187. Both are duo fibre brushes, both are round brushes made from a mix of goat hair and fibre optics
Differences? MAC's 187 is $50.50, and Crown's Duo Fibre is $8. I don't personally own the MAC 187, so I can't tell you whether or not it sheds from personal experience, however, hearsay around the blogosphere is that it also sheds in the beginning.
Both brushes give me an even coverage with an airbrushed finish, and because you're dotting on the foundation instead of painting it on, there's no streaking. I would venture so far as to claim that the effects given by both the MAC 187 and the Crown duo fibre brush to be the same.
To use, simply put a drop of your foundation onto a flat surface, I use a small dish or a metal mixing board, and dip the very tips of the brush into the foundation very lightly. Once the tips of the brush are coated with foundation, stamp the tips of the brush onto the skin. If necessary, blend by lightly swirling the tips of the brush against the skin.

Stamp stamp stamp!

Excuse the eyelash on my cheek xD See the even, airbrushed effect?

Left side of face was done with traditional flat foundation brush, right side of face was done with Crown duo fibre brush. I had to use a lot more liquid foundation on the left side as the flat brush just soaked it up. See how the coverage on the left is not as even or as full as the right?

Even, airbrushed coverage using a lot less foundation than you would with a traditional flat foundation brush. 
Foundation feels a lot lighter.
Cuts foundation application time to mere seconds!
El cheapo.
Sheds A LOT initially.
Brush is too big to get into smaller areas  such as sides of the nose, inner corner of eyes and under eye areas.
Sheds A LOT initially.
$8 I got mine at IMATS, but you can also buy it from the Crown Brush website xD
If you can't understand why brushes have to be so expensive, and don't mind being patient while the brush goes through it's teenage shedding phase, then you should give this brush a try. It's really changed the way I apply foundation and I truly love the finish it gives me!
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  1. i think it gave you a lovely airbrush finish! i dont use liquid foundation but it would be something to look into if I did :D

  2. I've tried crown brush before, but not this fiber duo brush. I think the brushes are ok, just 1 thing that pull me of is the scent, it kind of...uh, awful smell. Does this smell like that?

    but the coverage and air brush finish is good in the pic :)

  3. Goodness this brush looks fab and works for you! I would give it a shot despite it shedding A LOT lol x

  4. I LOVED my 187 to death...unfortunately, it died. So I got the Sigma one instead. And I HATE that one. It still sheds after having it for almost a year and still leaks black dye. wth?!

  5. This looks really great on you. Which foundation did you use?

  6. Nice, McNunu! I like dual fiber brushes very much and if I were a lot richer, I would tap the real 187. From the top view, I can see this brush has a fair amount of white bristles over black. A good 187 dupe needs to be sturdy enough to stipple and this looks like a good one :)

  7. Wow I never really understood how to use duo fibre brushes for liquid foundation before until your post, lol. I used to just kinda swipe it on with the brush instead of that dabbing method you used. Gotta try that and compare with my beauty blender now :)