Sunday, May 9, 2010

How to enlarge eyes by applying eyeliner to inner corners.

So this video was a recent topic of discussion between my friends and I.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ok, so other than the obvious "omfg how the hell did she do that??!!!", I was most interested in the technique the one girl used to enlarge her eyes. She demonstrates her technique from around the 9:15 mark in the first video.

Basically what she did was instead of lining her eyes from her natural inner corner, she applied eye liner onto the skin directly in front of the natural corner, thus creating a false inner corner and extending the length of her eye.
This technique perked my interest because let's admit it, I got a fair amount of face but not much eyes, so if it'll give me bigger looking eyes, I'm all over it! According to the ever knowledgeable Sooji, this technique is used quite often in the Korean celeb circles and was also used on her for her wedding day. Who am I to argue with the Koreans right?
So here's my take on it:

Close up: (excuse the messy mascara)

Overall effect:

The eyeliner is pretty evident when you close your eyes.

What do you guys think? I'm a bit creeped out by it honestly. It narrows the distance between my eyes and emphasises the size disparity between my eyes. 
The girl in the video paired this technique with a smokey eye, perhaps that would've been a better choice instead of my minimalistic look?
Could it be a difference in eye shape? the girl in the video has monolids and I have half hearted double lids with quite a thick fold that disappears as it approaches the inner corner.
It might also be that my lines are simply too thick and noticeable. I did this using L'oreal's fibre tip lineur intense, and although it has a pretty thin tip, it is nowhere near as thin as the liner the girl in the video used.
Overall I probably would only do this look if I knew I would be photographed a lot that day, say a wedding or something. This is definitely not an every day look for me, I can't help but think I look like Amy Winehouse or like I'm off to a masquerade as Cleopatra xD
I'm interested in hearing feedback. How do you feel about the size and shape of your eyes? are you happy with them? do you wish they were bigger? Have you tried this technique before and did it work for you? Let me know!

For those interested in what else I had on my face:
MAC eyeshadow in Hey as all over lid colour;
Flamingo mascara in black;
L'Oreal Lineur intense in black;
MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC20;
MUFE HD Microfinish blush in No. 13
Gosh lipgloss from Crooked Smile (I initially thought it'll go on brown but after I tried it, I LOVE IT!!!)

p.s. think my skin looks good in these photos? no it's not photoshop (too stupid), no it's not some new miracle cream, or concealer or foundation, and yes I still look crap underneath it all. No my lovelies, the secret is a brush that I've been keeping mum on. Will share the excitement soon!xD


  1. That effect is pretty amazing. I concur though I don't like lining my eyes too much as it looks a bit harsh that way. Maybe you can try it with a dark grey/black shadow instead? That may soften it up a bit.

    Your skin looks pretty great especially around the cheeks. Can't wait to hear what brush it is!

  2. That looks really interesting! I've never tried lining my eyes that way, I think I'll give it a go today : ) I have a weird eye shape though, I hope it works with my eyes :( I have a little crease space but only on the outer end of my eyes; on the inner end it's like a monolid :( I wish my eyes were a little bigger and I had a nice, defined crease!

  3. Yeh i always line my eyes like that. And you really draw the eyes line very well.. sometimes i tremble cannot achieve both eyes line same. Haha :D

  4. flawless finish! can't wait to hear what brush it is!

    i skimp out on lining my eyes usually (i'll go all out on a special occasion), i also only line the top because doing the lower lash line tends to close up my eyes. this is a great technique, it works well for your eye shape!

  5. I don't think that you have small eyes at all - your eyes are BIG already, girl!

    I think the lining looks very interesting and sultry, yet a it hash. I would suggest you to add some eyeshadows to make it look a bit softer. :)

  6. I'm iffy about this too... I've tried it on me too I just ended up looking like a vampira-wannabe lol... thanx for da comment on BB creams <3

  7. I think this technique is already popular in Japan too!

    I agree with Jess you have big eyes :)

    Also I think it might look softer with pencil eyeliner?? it might be a bit too dramatic for everyday lol. I think pull the liner outwards elongates the eyes in a much more natural way too. thanks for sharing!

  8. Mrawr, sexy kitty! I think it looks good on you. And if your eyes are small, mine are...really Asian. hahaha But I love Asian eyes! So secksi. ;)

  9. This technique is really interesting! Thanks for sharing the videos and your thoughts on it with us. I'll definitely try it out soon =]

  10. what a neat trick! but I'll probably be too chicken to try it.

  11. Yay! I'm so glad to hear you like the ligloss :) I tried it myself a while back and liked it a lot, it def looks prettier on lips than it does in tube.

    I don't know about the inner corner thing... I honestly can't do it either, must be my eye shape or something... hmpf!

  12. i must taiwanese girls have the strangest methods to enlarge their eyes... i feel like lining the inner corner is too much eyeliner O__O, but to them, they already have so much gunk on their faces, a little bit more is not going overboard...