Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Great Dane! - the story of a meet up botched by volcano with the unpronounceable name.

Guess who came to visit??!!

...ok well not like visit me on purpose, but she was in the city for a wedding and I insisted that she allowed me to show her around Vancouver - to places where people bring their dogs (haha!)
She was suppose to be here for 2 weeks, but the volcano with the unpronounceable name decided that the day she was due to leave was the perfect day for it to erupt and as a result, her stay was cut short :( I didn't even get to grope her *sniff*.
I gave her some options on where she wanted to go and she chose to go to the Vancouver Aquarium for their Beluga whales.

"Whoa Dude"
Some sort of giant fish.
Look Chi!!since he was hiding during this visit, I dug out my old photo of Mr. Sloth for you to see him in all his glory!
Doing his sloth thing.
Jellyfishing, Jellyfishing.

We visited a neighbour of mine.

Highlight of the day! Belugas!

She missed the dolphin show so once again I dug out an old photo from a previous visit to show her.
More seals
As we stayed until closing time, we got to see the feeding of the Belugas!
This one is a baby, look how cute he is!
One mum who won't get offended if you tell her she's a whale xD
This dolphin loves being photographed!! He just hovered by the viewing window waiting for his paps! I managed to snap that photo of Chi with the dolphin xD

After the aquarium, we went for a walk around Canada Place and Gastown before heading off to dinner. 
We call this one "The Pirate and the Dane v. The Drop"
If you're old like me, you'll get this photo.
No confusion over what's the speciality in this town.

After all the excitement, we were quite ready for dinner!I stole all these photos from Chi xD
Beef tataki
Hamachi sashimi. My favourite!
Oysters were so yummy!
Wild Atlantic salmon!
Seared toro
Various sushi
Black cod.

After all that food, I took her to a Shoppers Drug mart where with my enabling, she hauled some precious xD
And cos one can never have enough of a good thing, we went to get bubble tea xD

It was great meeting you Chi!!! This was our first blogger meet up, and we both agreed that it was quite surreal to finally meet each other and speak face to face instead of typing into a screen! I hope I didn't scare you off with my random blah blah blah, and I wish we could've met up again before you left, I had so much fun with you!
Thank you for the pressies and I hope you enjoyed mine too xD
See you in Denmark!!!!We'll eat Frikadellers and drink copious amounts of wine!


  1. Wow, I enjoyed the photos of the Vancouver Aquarium, and of course of the yummy food! My mouth is watering (even though I don't eat raw fish, hehe...).

    I must visit Canada some time for sure! :)

  2. What a fun day out! How sweet of you to play tour guide. =D

    P.S Haha...I say boring reads can even cure insomnia! XP

  3. Aw, man, that sushi and sashimi...Now you got me craving that stuff.

    Meeting up with blog/online ppl is a funny thing. It's like you know so much about the other person already that it almost feels like talking to an old friend when you meet up. :)

  4. That's a date! You'll bring the wine and I'll make the frikadeller for you :)

    Look at that sloth, too bad we didn't get a good view of him that day...

    No, not at all on the contrary. Wasn't scared off by your blah blah'ing, it actually lured me in! ;)I have to thank you again for a wonderful day, it was so great meeting you and it was nice that you, like me, say it like it is.

    PS! Thank you again for the pressies. I am in love with the masks and that flamingo mascara. Haven't gotten around to trying out that brush yet but I will soon.

    PPS! MacDonalds... XD Hehe...

  5. You two are so cute! I wan sushi, you and your blog always make me hungry!

  6. I love so this post! Full of fun and great food to conclude the day! =D

  7. I love the Vancouver aquarium! I love taking my nieces and nephews there on a sunny day. Always fun.

    Where did you guys eat?

  8. Looks like you had an awesome time =)