Thursday, May 27, 2010

How a $2 face scrublet changed the condition of my skin a.k.a. Daiso face scrublet review

So the bf abandoned me at Aberdeen centre the other day when he went to go play hockey >_>....
Ok, ok! I refused to sit in the hockey rink cos it stinks of old socks xD I just like to make out like I was tragically abandoned heehee!
As usual, I ended up browsing Daiso while I was there and happened upon this little gem here:

What is it exactly? you may ask. Well, it reminded me of this:

It's a small silicone pad with tiny silicone bristles.

Directions on back of package. 

According to the directions, you're suppose to pour your face wash onto the pad, mix with a bit of water, rub it on your palms until it foams and then rub it onto your face. It claims to clear away excess oil, debris and dead skin to leave your skin less clogged up and smoother.
So does it work? What do you think of these photos?

I've been using the scrublet for about 2 weeks and I can definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin! It is brighter, smoother, and even the blackhead colony on my nose has visibly improved!I would say my normally crater sized pores have shrunk a little...or am I just imagining it? One of the negatives of being away from the blogging world for a while is that you have no recent photos of your skin to compare it to -__-

Brighter, smoother skin.
Soft bristles, gentle enough to be used daily even on sensitive skin.
Lessens blackheads.
Just use with your usual facewash, no need to buy something new xD
Tightens pores?

Small handle, difficult to hold on to when wet.
I have no idea where you can buy this other than at Daiso.

Damage: CAN$2
Verdict: Come on, for $2 what have you got to lose?


  1. have you tried the version for your hair? have you seen it in canada?

  2. I wish we had Daiso here :(

    I have the L'Oreal scrublet (I got the exfoliating scrub) and I like it a lot! It's so fun to use :P I also use it with my other cleansers to get better results... the L'Oreal scrub seems just "average" IMO :P

  3. oooh i've been wanting the loreal one just for the scrublet. think i'm going to have to buy it after reading your review... :)

  4. MTL sucks big time for not having Daisos around :( I guess we gotta give up on some things when there's a great night life going on around haha
    still, i'd rather have better skin lol.

  5. OMG thank you for telling me about this. I saw a scrublet like thing at Boots in London for like 5 pounds, I almost got it, but thank goodness I didn't because why spend 5 pounds when you can spend 2 dollars XD

    Now just one more thing to add to my list of places to go to ASAP when I get back XD

  6. I have this too! I live in Vancouver as well, and one day my boyfriend and I were talking about how we were so attracted to the L'Oreal scrub. And then we walked into Aberdeen Daiso, and we came across this! So we each got one =) I agree with you too! I love it! =) Daiso is such a great and affordable place to go for all these random health/beauty things!

  7. Oohh I got 1 from Daiso when I was back in Singapore last time and I love it, wish I had gotten another one. But the handle is slightly different to yours and it's more blue, but pretty much same product otherwise. Don't we just love and thank you for store like Daiso. Unfortunately we don't have it in Australia...

  8. I was very interested in trying this product out! Must try to find it in Toronto!

  9. You are sooo brave! I have a face brush thingy and it works, too. I'll do a review about it :)

  10. Mmh.. sounds good, the price is the best part I think. Maybe I'll drop by Vancouver sometime soon and pick up a few of these ;)

  11. I was wondering about how those scrublets work. I've been hesitant to try any new face-washing tools after a breakout I had with the Neutrogena microdermabrasian kit. I don't think there are any Daisos in my area, but I figure a tool like that might be worth it and I can pick whichever cleanser to use. Thanks for posting!

  12. i have something similar in pink, but i stopped using it b/c i kept it in the shower & only used it in the morning...i think i need to move it to the sink & start using it again, my face was pretty soft after using it regularly :)

  13. Man.. I SO need one of those! Looks like it'd really clean my yucky face.