Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diorskin Poudre Compacte Matte review - a.k.a. How to be shine free without blotting for 10 hours...

If you follow my twitter you'd have heard that I'm currently suffering the consequences of drinking an entire bottle of wine by myself...yeah....I couldn't find the re-corking thing ok?!!xD head....
Anyways (I said that just for you Superwoolu! xD), you all know I'm a greasy pirate right? if I don't blot, by the end of the day, I can scrape off enough oil from my face to fry me up some chips. At the same time, I hate blotting, I don't always carry blotting paper with me and it's just so inconvenient. Why can't they just make a product which will keep me shine free all day?
Enter, this magical little product:

Photo stolen from, mine no longer bears the Dior cannage embossing.

I actually bought this a while back, probably some time early last year, I remember using it on and off until the broke in my bag while I was travelling, and I proceeded to forget about it.
As part of my recent "no buy" effort, which by the way has been broken by the ultimate Miss. Enabler xD, I'm trying to:

  1. Use up all my half used products - I tend to stop using a certain product when I feel I'm getting "low" in  it in order to "preserve" it...
  2. Open and use things which are still in boxes - oh! hello Hello Kitty x MAC collection...
  3. Pack away things that didn't work to be given away - there are lots T.T

What they say:

"Blends beautifully with your natural skin tone. Provides perfect finishing touch for make-up. Mica micro-particles reflect the light to give extraordinary radiant to skin"

What I say:

Let the photos do the speaking.

How oily I normally get without blotting after about 5 hours:

After 8 hours with powder:

After 10 hours with powder

See!!! no shine!!!! not even after 10 hours of wear!!! I didn't blot once!! Excuse the enthusiastic use of exclamation marks, but when a product gives me over 10 hours of matte finish, I get a bit excited to say the least. 

This is not a powder foundation and does not add colour nor provide coverage, it is merely a sheer setting powder.
Although the compact comes with its own sponge applicator, I find it quite useless as it absorbs more of the product than it dispenses onto my skin. Instead, I simply swirl my Ecotools blush brush in the powder and just dust it lightly onto my face after I've applied my foundation and blusher. 

The colour that I have is 002 Transparent Medium and on my NC15-20 skin it is perfect, neither too light nor too dark.
The only complaint I would have is that after 8 hours, it does tend to "cake" into the fine lines I have under my eyes and around my nose. All I would do when this happens is gently rub the affected areas with my fingers.

Some close ups:
8 hours:


10-11 hours

10-11 hours

It's a very finely milled powder

Left block - powdered, Right block - no powder

Damage: C$47 plus tax
Verdict: It's almost summer time in the northern hemisphere, and if you're a greaseball like me, this is the perfect mattifying powder for you!


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  2. This works a treat for you. You can wear it in the summer while we yell "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTH" at our TVs x

  3. Wow! Thank you for the review! I get horrible oily tzones over time it'd be perfect to use! I'm using their matte foundation it works for afew hrs before I need to blot, I wonder if it would be the same fir this powder?
    I'm like you trying to use up stuff that's been neglected lol! That shall be on my wish list ^^ the powder looks fab on you btw. Also I love your new layout it's so cute!

  4. hahaha I love your block pictures. Anyways, that powder looks ama-zing on your skin. It actually looks better the longer it's worn. LOL I'll check it out since my t-zone can get f'en oily sometimes.

  5. WOW shine free for sooo long! Amazing product. I'm loving the high quality pics!

  6. well i think i'm gonna go to the mall tomorrow now. :) thanks for the reviewww!

  7. ok i love the pics!!!!!!!!!!! gonna get this powder now!!

  8. Oh my~! I'm lovin' it! I'm going to totally check this out sometime. Thanks so much for the review!