Monday, May 31, 2010

Canmake Cheek Gradation review

The last of my Canmake haul, Cheek Gradation in 04 - Chocolate Stripe and 05 - Peach Stripe.

Left: Peach Stripe. Right: Chocolate Stripe.

Swatches of Peach Stripe. From left: all four colours swirled together; a rusty coral; a dirty peach; a frosty pink; and a frosty white pink. 

From left, darkest to lightest stripe.

The finish is definitely shimmery xD

Swatches of Chocolate Stripe. From left, all four colours swirled together; a chocolate brown; a rusty bronze; a frosty light beige;  and a frosty yellow white.

From left, darkest to lightest stripe.

Close up of all four colours swirled together.

I was originally drawn to these because they reminded me of my beloved Dior Shimmer powders xD
Just like the Dior powders, these are very soft and finely milled, however, unlike the Dior, they are a lot more pigmented and can be used alone as a blusher for those with light to medium skin tones.
You could probably also compare these to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, however, the Canmake powder has more of a pearly shimmer finish, whereas Bobbi has more of a frosty finish..
The idea is to use the dark and the light colours separately to create dimension on your face, I'm far too lazy to do this so I just swipe my brush over all four stripes and use it as a blush xD
Peach stripe gives a lovely peachy pink glow that is comparable to a sheerer version of NARS Orgasm. I plan to use Chocolate stripe as some kind of bronzer in the summer months.
The powder comes with a brush, it's flat and synthetic, using it will guarantee you clown cheeks xD I keep imagining it'll be pretty decent as a foundation brush!
Staying power is around 5 hours.

I paid about $12 for mine, but you can get it in Japan for significantly cheaper.

If you find Bobbi Brown shimmer brick too frosty and Dior Shimmer powders too light in pigmentation and too heavy in price, then give these a try!


  1. Thank you for swatches and the review!

    Do you find that these accentuated pores in any way? Thats always my biggest fear when I consider shimmery blushes... Thanks =)

  2. i love these <3

    i usually just swipe my brush all over too XD

  3. I would love to try this if I could find it, sounds like a good in between of Dior and BB, and at a much better price.

  4. Wow, they look so lovely! I wish Canmake is available in my town. You're so lucky to live in an Asian populated place.

  5. these are my favorite daily blushes - their pink one is great for winter (and the rest of the year too)! I usually swirl my brush around all the stripes as well :)

  6. Chocolate stripe is sooo bronzey! I'm kinda scared to use mine now :(

  7. Girl, you are on a Canmake roll...woot! I do have the BB shimmer bricks so I really appreciate the review and comparisons. :)

  8. Man.. if only they sold those around here.. They look super pretty!

  9. Great job on the swatches! The blushes look beautiful! I wish they sold this brand where I am :(

  10. These are the exact 2 that I have!! I love them both so very much!