Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Brights FOTD - green, blue, and purple

Products used:
  • MAC - Studio Fix Foundation
  • MAC - Graphic Garden palette - Colours used: Wild Wisteria; Botanical Blue; Linear Lilac.
  • MAC - Mineralised Skin Finish in Light Medium
  • NARS - Duo in Deep Throat and Laguna
  • Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette - indigo and denim
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
  • Vasanti gloss in Coral Sea
  • Annabelle Smudgeliner in Blue Sapphire

  • MAC Wild Wisteria - all over lid and inner half of lower lash line
  • MAC Botanical Blue - middle of lid
  • MAC Linear Lilac - outer V and bring all the way to middle of crease
  • CC indigo and denim - crease and outer half of lower lash line
  • Blend, Blend, Blend.
  • Annabelle Sapphire Blue - upper lash line
  • Mascara
  • NARS Laguna - face contour
  • NARS Deep Throat - apples of cheeks and sweep upwards
  • MAC MSF - all over face
  • Vasanti Coral Sea lipgloss
Don't mind my hair, I had a rather horrific haircut the other day -__-
In case you were wondering why I was being so colourful, it was because I was trying to match my dress xD
I couldn't decide between the Vasanti Coral Sea gloss or the NARS Orgasm gloss. I think the Orgasm gloss washes me out a bit? What do you think? I eventually went with the Vasanti gloss xD


  1. Dear hottie,

    I loved your makeup today, and it was really great seeing you for the first time. Thank you SO much for dropping off my crap, I hope you will enjoy the stuff I got you =)


  2. love the colours, I think the Vasanti goes well! Scream girly! I have trouble pulling off the nude lip often...

  3. You are one gorgeous gal! I love the eyeshadow on you :) Very pretty and colorful! It definitely reminds me of vacations and nice summer skies. The dress is SO pretty! I love the colors!

  4. I love the colors combination, really pretty :)

  5. Good grief...hotness!!!

    I never knew a somalian could be so gorgeus in peacock colours. I jest! You look wonderful! Wear more brights more often purlease?

  6. oh my! the colors are gorgeous!!! definitely suits the pretty dress.

  7. dude i love these colours! reminds me of the sea / mermaids - perfect for summer!

  8. Gorgeous color combination, the entire look is so lovely on you :)

  9. such pretty pretty colours! you're really good at blending in those colours (me so jealous) lol :)

    You're right, the Vasanti lipgloss looks better

  10. Omg such a pretty FOTD!! So colorful!

  11. You match your eyes with your dress, eh? Great idea! I love this look. It's colorful yet wearable.

  12. OMG! gorgeous much?!
    maybe i will try something similiar to this...if i wake up early enough. things like this take me forever cause of the blending! lol never satisfied :P

  13. thats a pretty eye colour combo - matches your dress really well!

    wish i could use the nars laguna, its waaaay too dark on me. im planning to give it away soon lol.

    ryc - yeah i did highlighted my face - didnt mention in the post but i also use maquillage face creator in 66 :)

  14. Love the makeup--the colors look great on you and looks great with your cute dress!!

    What's your foundie shade for MAC?

  15. Aw thanks for leaving me such sweet a msg nunu!

    I am guilty as charged... but it came just in time. I'm finally taking a few days off work for a mini getaway to Montreal where I will be blogging. I'm definitely overdue for a post. I'm always wondering how do you beautiful gals manage. I'll have to give you a shout out in my next post =D

  16. That is a pretty look! Love the light blue-purple combination and your dress is lovely!

  17. Hi Nu Nu!

    You look super pretty and summerly in your pictures. You can def. pull off brights. Everything is blended together so nice.

    I like your hair! But yeah, I never like haircuts after I get them either haha

    Your dress is soooo pretty.

    Sigh, still waging a war against acne. It went away but it's coming back kind of. :(

  18. loving your eyes, how you did it!