Sunday, August 29, 2010

FOTD with Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1 a.k.a. How to look like a crack whore a.k.a. How to look like Ke$ha

Products used:
  • MAC - Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl 
  • MAC - Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Light Medium
  • Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BK-1
  • NARS blusher bronzer duo in Laguna and Deep Throat
  • Maxfactor 2000 Calorie mascara
  • MAC lipstick in Hue
  • Not pictured: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Polyester Bride/White Rabbit and Dollywink liquid liner in Black.

  • MAC MSF Natural - applied with a kabuki brush and used as foundation. Gives light coverage with a matte finish.
  • Kate palette - light grey shade applied all over lid.
  • Kate palette - charcoal shade applied to crease and outer V.
  • Kate palette - use the blue shade to blend the charcoal shade into the light grey shade.
  • Kate palette - using a sponge applicator, gently pat the glittery highlight shade all over lid.
  • Urban Decay Polyester Bride on inner lower lash line.
  • Dollywink liquid liner - upper lash line.
  • Kate palette - charcoal shade applied as lower lash liner using a flat angled brush.
  • Macara
  • NARS Laguna - face contour.
  • NARS Deep Throat - apples of cheeks and swept upwards.
  • MAC Hue lipstick

How do you like my contacts? They're Geo Nudy Browns and I nicked them off Sheila xD Thanks babes!
Did you know that the MAC MSF Natural can be used as a foundation?!
"I surrender!!"


  1. Oh please. You do not look like a crack whore! I think it's a great look on you. :D And Geo Nudy Brown is my absolute favorite.

    Ohh and kitty paws! -^^-

  2. Haha! I was laughing so hard when I read the Kesha crack whore title! LOL! But you do not look like that, you look great.

  3. Good, I'm not the only one who thinks you look great!

  4. omigawdddd, you look hot! love the look! umm, i need to practice that eye technique. I've only ever done it once....and one eye was a fail. hahaha Cute kitttyyyyy!

  5. woooooo, hottie! I like those lenses, it's very natural looking :) I think once my foudation is done, i'll try out the MSF's next!

    Kitty is so cute^^

  6. This is such a cool and awesome look on you, Nunu! You rock that 'bad girl look', hehe... ;)

  7. the lipstick is such a pretty pink nude! the lense looks nice and natural on you too :)

  8. the lenses looks good! love the lippie..gotta to hunt for the msf!

  9. this look is so smoking hot!! i especially love the way you lined your eyes

  10. this is the WORST crack whore impression ever!! You look stunning!! Silly little look ever dashing in smokey deep blue.t

  11. You look gooooood! And no, NOT crack whore! HOT, HOT, HOT! <3

  12. Hello, first timer here! You look much better than Ke$ha... And the average crackwhore I see walking around the Tenderloin doesn't look like that either (though possibly looks like Ke$ha). The kitty reminds me of my old kitty.

  13. thanks for the make up tutorial!
    looks very good :)
    i will have to try it at home sometime :)

  14. the lens look super natural...!! i can't see the different tons at all! i can't pull off blues because it'll look like i was punched in the eye by an abusive bf but if i were a crack whore i probably wouldn't even know about those bruises until i was sober... jokinggg. i dont think this look ooze of anything close to what you're saying it looks like!! definitely a nice smokey look

  15. It's the perfect look for clubbing b/c we all want to look a little bit skanky then don't we?

  16. LOL!! At your title :p You DO NOT look like a crackwhore in any sense. Kesha may look like one naturally but you look GREAT! The eye makeup is flawless and so pretty! :)

  17. Your cat is so cute. I like it when you include your cat in your posts. It just add that personal touch. =)