Monday, August 23, 2010

Daiso Nose Pack review - works better than the Face Shop's!

O Daiso, how much do I love thee, let me count the ways.
So you've read all the rave reviews about The Face Shop's white mud nose pack, and you're throwing your toys out the cot because there's no Face Shop near you and you have no friends that you can unashamedly beg/blackmail to grab you a tube.
Have no fear! MACnunu to the rescue!! or rather your friendly neighbourhood Daiso...whatever.

What they say:
I actually have no idea what they say, it's all in Japanese and the boy is too engrossed with playing Starcraft to translate for me! Hmph! But basically, it's your run of the mill peel off nose pack. Spread it on after a shower, wait for it to dry, peel it off and examine all the gunk it pulled out of your nose. Joy!
I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is a Daiso exclusive product which is not available anywhere else. The back of the tube says it's made in Korea (The Face Shop's country of origin!)
Daiso is a Japanese hyakkin, or 100 yen shop; same concept as North American dollar shops except the quality of the products is much better.
The even better news is that they have 11 branches in Ameeerika. Sorry fellow Canadians, I believe the only Daiso in Canada is the one here in Vancouver. If you're really desperate for a tube, email me and we'll see about a group order.

Water, PVP, Alcohol, Polyviryl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Propylene glycol, Methyparaben, Allertoin, Allantoin, Polyquaternium 10, Disodium EDTA

What I say:
Like the Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack, you spread it on wherever it is that you have blackheads, breathe through your nose for the first minute to ensure you don't pass out from the fumes, wait for it to dry, then peel it off.
The Daiso nose pack is more liquidy consistency wise compared to the Face Shop one and spreads much easier.
I really feel that it works much better than the Face Shop one! It got out way more gunk, especially from the bridge of my nose! My nose was noticeably clearer afterwards. I can see skin! Hooray!
It also didn't hurt as much as the Face Shop one to peel off.
The only downside is that it still stank to high heaven.
What will a nose pack review be without the gory photos?

Mmmm....pore strips.

Yes it's $2, and some of you are gonna question whether or not it's safe to use blah blah fish paste. That's up to you to decide. I've used it several times already and my nose hasn't dropped off yet.
IMHO it's far superior to any other nose packs I've used before.
To locate a Daiso branch near you click ---> List of Daiso branches


  1. i am a canadian, and i request that japanese/korean cosmetic stores spread to the prairies already, GEEZ

    also, i totally understand the whole boyfriend with starcraft 2 obsession thing
    his obsession is valid because its sc TWO - thats what he says

    thanks for the yum nose gunk =)

  2. I've seen a review of this from Evie of asidewalkcafe, now I really need to get it from Daiso! Thanks for the great review :)


    thanks for a great review

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I didn't know about this product before. Better then the FaceShop nose pack? I'm totally in! Thanks for the review, now I did to track this down in my area.

  5. boo, the only one in the states is in washington state! 0.o Doh! So you put this stuff on right after your shower? I don't take hot showers right now cause its summer, but hopefully all that gunk will come out too!

  6. ooo nice! i saw these the last time i went but i wasn't sure if they were any good or not. its a new product isn't it?

  7. Haha...good to know your nose is still intact! There are sadly no Daison's in SoCal. This is all kinds of wrong.

  8. <3 your posts...*sigh*...esp all the nose gunk porn you post. :D

  9. LOL! How do you carry your kitchen sink in your bag?
    Btw, I've voted for your recipe :D

  10. looks very effective.. i never see that kind stuff in our daiso!!

  11. Haha...typical XP My mom loves to say how light-skinned my hubby is. (He's gotten a bit more color on him now but I used to call him "Casper") I on the other hand felt like chopped liver. I don't think you're tanned though. Not by L.A standards anyways.

  12. wow... awesome! But i have sensitive skin... cannot use :(

  13. i don't live in the states where these stores are at... do u know anywhere online i can order it from? THANKS!!

  14. I'm so sad that Face Shop seems to have disappeared from Van :( They definitely didn't get the following they deserve as their products are great!

    That being said, I also heart Daiso! Their beauty products are actually really good. haha those photos are horrible, but I guess a good testiment to this product.

    hahaha your bf is a gamer too?? Mine was obsessed with Starcraft for awhile and made me watch all the little movies.

  15. Haha! I love the nose pore junk. I always inspect mine carefully as well after ripping mine off XD

  16. (re: about night market) yeah i know! i was wondering how they all ended up with the same socks =_= do they all go buy from the same retailer? how can they hope to beat their other competition then if they sell the same stuff for the same price? and why socks too? they might be cheap to buy as inventory but it prob wont make that much money...

    (& re: about daiso nose mask) ooh that explains it, i have never come across their charcoal face mask so this might have sold just as fast and i was just lucky enough to see it that time =D

  17. Boooo only 1 Daiso location in Canada, and that's where you live missy! Can you imagine me trekking across Canada just to buy that cheap $2 nose pack? LOL. Toronto you have failed me! Hmph!

  18. teehee whenever i see this i always grab grab grab!!!

  19. looks like it was effective! gotta love those gunky "after" photos, lol

  20. I shall get one tomorrow!!!! *prays that my Daiso has this in stock*

  21. LOL @ "I've used it several times already and my nose hasn't dropped off yet." hahaha

    this is so cool! it really pulled out the nasties! :P

  22. daaang! canada never has any of the good stuff! hopefully ill somehow get my hands on it someday ^^ hooray for clear pores!