Sunday, August 1, 2010

Upcoming CSN review!

So it seems like a lot of you guys are moving into or have just recently moved into your new apartments. How's the furniture situation looking? is your "dining table" a piece of cardboard spread over 2 telephone directories? are you sleeping on a pile of your clothes? did you save the cup your cup noodles came in? Yes, furniture is so bloody expensive! Did you guys know that I still have no dining chairs? we have a table, but we have no chairs, go figure. Well, I'm happy to report that's where CSN Stores come in!!! They have absolutely everything you'll need for a new home, be it dining room tables, kitchen ware, home decor, other furniture, the works!
The best part? their prices are really really really reasonable. They have dining tables starting from $82 and they still have free shipping!
Take this dining table for instance:
Guess how much it is? Just $170, and you get free shipping. As in a truck will deliver this right to your doorstep. We actually have a similar table, but we paid almost 4 times that price -__- hence we still have no chairs.
A dining room set like the one below will only set you back $275 and once again, free shipping.
If you're more into modern furniture, they've got that covered too.
Of course, if you're not interested in furniture, CSN also has a Luxe store which stocks name brand shoes and bags. I like this one, very Hermes, without the waiting list.
When you feet are killing you, and you're sitting on the side of the pavement with 4" heels on, wailing to your friends that you can't walk any more, you'll be glad that you had a pair of these Footzyrolls in your bag!
CSN stores have kindly offered to send me a product for review, keep your eyes out! I know that many of you are concerned about online purchases from unknown companies, so I'll be telling you all about their customer service, the quality of the products, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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  1. That furniture DOES look good and at a reasonable price. Do you have IKEA in Canada? I don't own my own apartment at the moment but I have had occasion to furnish houses in the past and I always start out with lofty aspirations to get all "Elle Deco" and run around getting quirky one-off pieces which reflect my fabulous quirky sense of immaculate style. After weeks of sitting on the floor eating off boxes I eventually fold and do a crazy IKEA dash which tests my sanity and pay someone to assemble it all together. I used to try and be strong and put it together myself but friends have said that I should never be put in charge of any kind of power tool which is not a Clarisonic.

    PS, I love your blog. I've made lots of Canadian friends whilst in Korea and hope to visit some day soon.