Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stila Summer 2012 event

I recently got to join a bevy of West Coast beauties at the beautiful Opus Bar for an event to celebrate the unveiling of Stila Summer 2012 collection courtesy of an invite from Mizz J.
With Champagne and oysters in hand, we got to eyeball Stila's Summer 2012 collection as well as the new addition to their popular Travel Palette line, the Vibrant in Vancouver palette. Hurray! first we got Housewives and now we've been given our own Stila Travel palette! The team from Ardell had a lash bar set up to do lash applications with a selection of their most popular lashes. For perhaps the first time in my life, I had on a set of falsies that wasn't popping off at the corners or glued to my own lashes!
The Stila Summer 2012 collection is all about sexy bronze shimmer with pops of pretty pastels reminiscent of lazy Summer days spent frolicking on the beach, sipping Pina Coladas. Whilst Raincouver hasn't so much as seen weather above 20C, I can now at least pretend it's Summer by looking all radiant and luminous.
As if feeding us and prettying us up wasn't enough, Stila and Ardell very generously sent each of us home with a stash of their products to play with. Look for reviews coming soon!!
To photos!

I am all about orange blushers this Summer so the one on the far left is right up my alley!
Stila's Vibrant in Vancouver travel palette!
If you're familiar with the Vancouver cityline, you'll recognise Harbour Centre and Canada Place in the background!

Mei Yu, an award winning artist was there to do everyone's caricatures! Here she is busy drawing Kerri. I got one done too!
No West Coast party is complete without sushi.
Moet and oysters. Need I say more?
Vonnie being a princess and making the (very cute) waitor personally pick up pieces of sushi for her xD She enjoyed this immensely I think.
Stila Summer 2012 Collection.
Ardell lash bar!
Their lash menu:
I had a pair of the 305 accent lashes put in xD
Vonnie getting her lashes:

Bloggers doing what bloggers do best:
She doesn't believe me, but our waitress was gorgeous. I loved her necklace!! I didn't get a chance to ask her where she bought it though :(
Stole this photo of everyone off Stila Canada's facebook page.
Products Stila sent home with us!
Products from Ardell!
Thank you very much Stila Canada and Ardell!!! We had an awesome time!! I look forward to trying everything!


  1. Those lashes look great on you! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

    1. I did! I was positively bouncing off the atmosphere because of all my allergy medications kicking in but it was a lovely event!

  2. OOOO check you out! You are a proper blogger and everything going to all these exciting events with free oysters and champagne! Major jelly! And I was going to ask you if they sent you home with that awesome looking stila swirly whatever that is. XD Review! Review!

    The lashes look lovely on you! Look at chu all smiley!

    1. I'm so fascinated with the swirly thing, how in the 'eck do they get it like that???!!

  3. I am very happy that purples are in style for yoU! I am also happy that I own a lot of them so maybe I can save money this fall (and spend it on Addiction instead haha). The food looks awesome! I seriously want to make my blog half a food blog -that's okay, right?