Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lise Watier Fall 2012 Millésime collection review

According to the Lise Watier press release, the Millésime collection is inspired by vintage wine collections, the art of wine and other liquors. Yes people, a collection inspired by booze, what could possibly be better?
Les Cognacs Eyeshadow Quartet
Damage: CAN$36

Lise Watier sez: "Two harmonies of four eyeshadows, that combine the look of both cream and powder textures, offer a silky finish, ultimate shine and durability."
Nunu sez: Two limited edition quads which will be coming out with the Millesime collection, Les Cognacs, consisting of brown shades aimed at those with warmer undertones, and Les Vins, consisting of purple shades aimed at those with cooler undertones. The quality of this quad was simply outstanding. There was no chalkiness or fall-out, just smooth buttery goodness. To me, these eyeshadows have a slightly "wet" feel to them. All of the above swatches are just from 1 swipe. I had no problems with the shadows lasting for a whole day.
Duo Shadow & Glitter
Damage: CAN$25
Lise Watier sez: "Two new shades of this product combine both the iridescence of a pearl cream eyeshadow and the shine of micro-glitters."
Nunu sez: Two new shades, Plum Star and Brown Amber will become available with the Millesime collection. Plum Star will join the permanent line whilst Brown Amber is a limited edition. The cream eyeshadow acts as a base for the glitter, how little or how much glitter you apply depends on your own personal preference. Pack it over the entire lid for some Boom Boom Pow or add it just to the lashline for a more wearable look. Lise Watier even designed a special brush with a silicone head for precise glitter application. I don't own that brush so I had to resort to patting it on with my fingers and it did get rather messy. I didn't notice any subsequent glitter fallout other than those from the initial application. The texture of the cream base feels really similar to the MUFE Aqua Cream shadows. It is light, non-greasy and pigmentation can be built up. Unfortunately I am a contact lens wearer who is also prone to rubbing her eyes, and as a result I am not a fan of glitter near the eyes. I will definitely use the cream base part though!
To see these in action visit my Millesime event post.
Rouge Gourmand Lipstick
Damage: CAN$20
Lise Watier sez: "An ultra-comfortable creamy formula that provides fuller lips is now offered in a new shade of dark red shiraz. Its formula is enriched with Maxi-lip that moisturises and softens lips."
Nunu sez: The colour I received was called Shiraz and is a darkened purplish red - a bruised berry if you will. It is definitely not a colour I would've pick for myself for fear of looking like Elvira, Mistress of The Dark, however, Ashley tried it on at the Millesime event and totally rocked it! It is definitely an Autumn colour and can be made more wearable sheered out as a lip stain. Whilst the colour looks frosty in the tube but doesn't apply frosty, on lips it has a slight shimmer. The Rouge Gourmand line of lipsticks all smell like food!! It smells like cake with some kind of fruit. The formula applies very smoothly and didn't dry my lips out. Lasting time was around 4 hours.

Crayon Kajal
Damage: CAN$16
Lise Watier sez: "Specially designed to precisely emphasise the inner line of the lower eyelid for a look that has unparalleled intensity."
Nunu sez: I received the shade "Noir Bleu", literally translated as "Black Blue". Imagine a blackcurrant! On me it swatched mostly black with the blue peeking through around the edges. Black based shades tend to undergo a strange phenomenon on my skin whereby they just show up as black. The Other Tine reckons that because I'm so pale, I'm essentially a White Hole from which dark colours cannot escape.
Now that I'm older and have put the goth phase behind me (don't ask), I have strayed away from black eyeliners in favour of navy and plum coloured liners. Their effects are not as harsh as black liners yet they still provide the needed definition. I wore this liner on my water-line for 6+ hours and it did not budge at all. This is quite a feat I assure you.

Lise Watier Millesime products will be available in stores in August 2012.


  1. So nice to see swatches on the other quad... it's so pretty... WANT WANT WANT.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. loving the neutral colors in the Eyeshadow Quartet!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  3. Ah, so pretty!! I WANT IT!!!!!! The lipstick and the eyeliner both are a little gothy but I do love it regardless :D

  4. Wow cannot believe the pigment of those shadows from just one swipe. Sold!

  5. Really beautiful! I love all of the colors. The eye shadow palette gold packaging and even the shimmery shades remind me of Japanese eye shadow palettes like Lunasol.

  6. The colors in the palette are gorgeous, and so pigmented too! I love shimmery, neutral shades the most. The duo shadow/glitter is really pretty as well :)

  7. i love the shimmery gold color, i think it's outstanding.


  8. Never heard of this brand, but seems to be worth a look! And a line inspired by wine & liquor only makes me want it more! :D