Monday, June 11, 2012

Lise Watier Millésimé

Last week was a bit of an oddball week for me, if I wasn't attending a PR event I was attending a personal social event. Usually I go home immediately after work to hold whichever one of their paws that my cats allow me the honour of holding while they sleep. If they're feeling particularly generous, they'll even condone to eat a few treats out of my hands!
Lise Watier kindly invited me to a fun night of vino and makeup in celebration of their 40th (!!) anniversary. In addition, they also took the opportunity to showcase their Autumn/Fall 2012 colour cosmetics collection.
Yah, you heard me, AUTUMN!! Dude it's only June...and the temperatures haven't even hit the 20s yet...please don't suggest that Autumn is coming soon... Unfortunately the weather that day only seemed to exacerbate my fears - twas yet another gloomy and rainy day in Vancouver. Ah well, if the catwalk trends are anything to go by, at least this Autumn will feature my favourite colour, so that's something to look forward to. Not that I ever look forward to Winter.
The event was held at Uva - a trendy little wine bar in downtown Vancouver. Uva means grape in Italian. 
Rachel, Lise Watier's PR specialist est très français and has legs as long as I am tall. Herve Leger obviously had her in mind when he designed those bandage dresses.
Lise Watier's Millesime collection is inspired by wine!
Yessss!!! Purples are in!!!!
I LOVE the makeup in this photo, I'll definitely have to copy it!
Bling fans will be happy to know that there will be 2 new additions to Lise Watier's Duo Shadow & Glitter range! Plum Star will join the permanent line and Brown Amber will be limited edition.
Alison and I were both excited about the addition of creme blushes to the line.
New limited edition quads for Fall. Les Vins (purples) for cool tones and Les Cognacs (browns) for warm tones.
Neiges EDT was released in 1999 by Lise Watier. It is a floral scent with notes of magnolia, orange blossom, musk, jasmine, hyacinth, woods, lily-of-the-valley and rose.
Ms. Watier herself.

Brown Amber Duo Shadow & Glitter in action:
Lise Watier demo booth:
Brown Amber Duo Shadow & Glitter:
Lise Watier makeup artist Chelsea Chute working her magic on Alison.
Alison got Plum Star Duo Shadow & Glitter
Ashley got cat eye liner and a statement lip 
Close-up of Ashley's cat eye liner:
Uva's sommelier educating us on the wines that we will soon be tasting:

Happy bloggers!
Products from Lise Watier that you can look forward to seeing:
Merci beaucoup et joyeaux 40e anniversaire Lise Watier!


  1. LOVE the Shadow/Glitter duos!

    Oh, and that 5th photo in... LOVE that photographer's work! The photoshoot wasn't for Lise Watier, it was a collection that she did as a tribute to her mother who passed away and was a way to help her with her grief. STUNNING work! I can send you a link to her website if you like. :)

    1. That photo is absolutely amazing! I think Lise Watier needed photos to get their colour theme across. They also showed some photos from the fashion catwalks. I'd appreciate that link!

  2. Woah, these colors are amazing!!! I might just splurge here! I've never bought makeup from Lise Watier because I always thought they were quite expensive and since I don't know how the quality is like, I didn't want to be disappointed. But all the makeup shown are so irresistible! I can't wait for fall!

    By the way, here in Québec (Montreal), the temperature is 30 - 35 degrees today! And it's super humid, I'm all sticky... :( I knew it that we should have installed the ac last weekend!

    1. I will have swatches of everything I received from the event sometime this week! The pigmentation on that quad is freaking amazing!!! I don't know about the purple quad but I totally recommend buying the brown quad if it works with your skin tone!!
      Gahhhh the hottest it's been lately, when it's not pissing with rain or overcast, has been 17C.

  3. WOW! Looks like major fun! :) Yeah, it's only the start of summer!!!!!!

  4. I see you got the brown set (I got the purple). We'll have to compare :)

    xo, alison*elle

    1. I wanted the purple!!! You need to do swatches so I can see what it looks like. Did you manage to download your photos from my dropbox?

    2. I will definitely be doing swatches at some point. And yes, I did! Thank you!

  5. oooooh can't wait til fall to play w the cream blush~

    anyway looked like a great event^^
    love that you guys got mu demos as well~ glittery goodness :P

  6. That glitter shadow looks amazing! So pigmented. I'd love to wear something like that for a night out. Sounds like you guys had a fun time, wish I could have come!

  7. woww i love their packaging!especially the perfume bottle..the two looks on Ashley and Alison are very pretty