Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kiehl's Metrotown Opening

I was very kindly invited by Rebecca of NKPR to attend a sneak preview of Kiehl's new store at Metrotown a day before it was open to the general public. Whilst there, I was given an in-depth history of the brand, a tour of the store, and treated to an amazing one-on-one skin consultation by the knowledgeable Donna Paty.
Did you know that Kiehl's started out as a small family owned apothecary (old talk for pharmacy/chemist's) in New York's East Village back in 1851? Today, their New York flagship store resides on the very same spot.
They meld together their age-old pharmaceutical knowledge with the very best ingredients from nature to bring you naturally derived products which deliver effects. Many of their products are also alcohol and paraben free which is good news to those who are sensitive to these ingredients.
What was most impressive to me was their level of service. Each store has a dedicated consultation area where their highly trained staff can recommend products based on the customers' skincare concerns and needs. I am also most impressed with their very generous samples! This way you can try everything before you buy. On top of that, they offer a 100% money back guarantee!! If you're not happy with the product, you can bring it back for a full refund!
Enough babble and onwards to the photos!!
I love their store's eclectic decor and that vintage chandelier is simple gorgeous!

A vintage motorcycle is on display inside every Kiehl's store as a monument of former owner Aaron Morse's intense love of motorcycles.
The original Kiehl's team:
A scrapbook of interesting tidbits on the original store. The pear stands for Pear Tree Corner where the original Kiehl's Pharmacy was located and where the Kiehl's flagship currently stands.
Unlike many skincare brands, Kiehl's doesn't leave the menfolk stranded! In fact, 30-40% of their customers are men. They have a dedicated line of products for men and best of all, no girly packaging! Maybe one day I can get Mr. Nunu to try something other than soap eh?

3 of Kiehl's collection of Dermatologists Solutions
Limited Edition New York Heritage Collection. Customer's favourites in special 160th anniversary packaging.

 Skin consultation area:
Donna Paty, National Education Manager:
Getting educated on what is healthy skin. Damaged skin barrier = loss of natural oils and moisture resulting in oily skin and no protection again irritants! The key to healthy skin is adequate moisture!!
I was extremely fascinated by their healthy skin test! They press one of these tabs on your forehead and one on your cheek and depending on how much oil transfers onto the tab they can determine the condition of your skin!
I've got a normal to oily forehead and normal to dry cheeks!
 My personalised Kiehls skincare regime!
 Vanessa and Christine (who has an awesome name and also rides a Harley in stiletto boots.)
I really really really want that chest of drawers in my house. I can squirrel all sorts of stuff in there xD
What I came home with at the end of the day.....I feel guilty...I really do.
Thank you so much Kiehl's and NKPR!! I had an absolutely fantastic time! I learnt so much from Donna and I really look forward to trying out the various products and writing about them. All the best on your latest opening!


  1. Woah I'm drooling over your Kiehl's goodies! It's great you got invited to this event. I'm looking forward to your reviews on all these products. Your post makes me want to run to my nearest Kiehl's store. :) You're going to love Creme de Corps.

  2. WOW! That's a ton of stuff!!!!!!! LOL I love Kiehl's lotions and everything! They are such a genuine brand that I've grown to know. :)

  3. aww, LUCKY!

    i'm staring like this o_o at all your goodies. can't wait to read your thoughts on them!

  4. you got so many goodies!!! can't wait to hear your thoughts on them. i love their acne cream...forget what it's called. but it works really well & doesn't dry my skin. my kiehls store looks just like this one LOL i love how it's set up!

  5. Looks so fun! Hubs loves the Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15!

  6. Holly cow, who's the lucky girl? :) I don't think we even have a Kiehl store here

  7. Their store layout is the same as the UK's Selfridges one! I like Kiehl's, i was so surprised when i visited their section, i thought they would have a very serious branding and elegant layout but they seem really retro and fun!

  8. wow it must have been so cool to be invited to such event!! hope all the prods work out for you, looking forward to the reviews ^^

  9. I missed my chance to get a free lip balm at Kiehl's last Friday. I didn't even know the store was opening last week!
    I need to get a skin consultation done though.. those strips are cool :3

  10. Great pictures, and such a great haul of goodies!! Looking forward to reading about them. Especially the pretty lip gloss I spy there.

  11. i love kiehl's sooo much! i use their midnight recovery serum which is extra divine! :D

    you have so much!!! im so proud of your choices! on a cuter note. the dog's so adorable! i just recently posted about dogs too :)