Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOTD - Take Me To Your Hidden Treasure

I am having way too much fun making up these moronically juxtaposed names for my NOTDs.
This one sounds downright dirty.
I like.
1 coat of Color Club's Take Me To Your Chateau (light blue cream), 1 coat of Savina's Light Mist (semi-sheer light blue jelly) and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (rainbow flakey in a clear base).
I'm actually VERY impressed with the Color Club polish, it goes on easy for a light coloured cream, doesn't have any cuticle drag, evens out well and is opaque in 1 medium thick coat. Dries fast too. It was released as a part of Color Club's Pardon My French collection and I got the entire set of 7 polishes for $12 at Winners. The Savina jelly is kinda meh. It's difficult to get bottle colour because it applies sheer. I used it over the Color Club because I am a sucker for jelly finishes and it gives the flat cream some depth.
It's been so long since I last used Hidden Treasure and I was really curious as to what it would look like layered over lighter colours.
 Under natural light:

Under artificial light:

Actual colour is the one under artificial light. Hidden Treasure adds an absolutely spellbinding quality to the otherwise boring pastel blue polish. Depending on the lighting, the flakeys go from silver, blue gradient to a full rainbow.
I haven't done any work this week because I've been too busy staring at my nails.


  1. I love Color Club nail polish too. The Pardon My French collection is on my wishlist after my low-buy is over lol. Wah Hidden Treasure is so awesome.

  2. wow! that sally hansen top coat looks beautiful!!! it's really hard to find, sold out everywhere -_-
    love this nail color on you!

  3. ooh, pretty NOTD! Love the shimmery top coat!!

  4. that sally hansen glitter is so pretty (puts on wish list)