Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensation High Shine lipstick review

I am quite late on the train again but I recently discovered these Maybelline Color Sensation High Shine lipsticks.
$3.99 - $8.99
Mirror-like color from micro-mirror pigments. Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.
Swatches from left: Glisten Up Pink and Coral Lustre
Glisten Up Pink:
Coral Lustre:
I must say I'm very impressed! I think these might be the "drugstore" (looks shamefully at Vicky) answer to Dior Addicts. The formula is pretty moisturising, the colour pay-off is good and the finish is very true to name.
These lipsticks cling well but my lips don't feel dry even if I don't wear any balm underneath which is always a good thing for parched pirate lips.
Wear time is a around 2-3 hours, depending on how much you eat or drink.
These have a fruity scent, think lip balm? but with the faint chemical smell that is prevalent in drugstore cosmetics.
The only dislike for me is that the formula contains glitter (the "micro-mirror pigments"?) and once the colour wears off you are left with a bunch of stray glitter on your lip. Not a very attractive look.
There are currently 8 colours in this line and for around $5, it's a worthy buy.


  1. too bad about the stray glitter, they sound absolutely perfect otherwise.

    glisten up pink & coral lustre are exactly the kind of shades i would get; i think i'll have a swatch at these next time i'm at a drugstore. :)

  2. I'll have to check these out - they look really beautiful on you!

  3. Thanks for rge review and pretty swatches. You can tell by the swatch they are moisturizing, Coral lustre looks nice.

  4. The first thought through my mind? "Nooooooooooooo!! I want them!!! but i'm poooooorrr!!!" yeah, not great. Luckily you're not from the UK because it's very likely we don't stock these two colours!! I'm totally in love with them! They're both pretty and you have really gorgeous lips, not in a creepy weird way :)and they're so affordable!! The thing is... If i keep buying lippies i think are affordable, i end up buying loads which totals up to the same; bankrupt! I must resist!

    It was my first time setting foot in Africa! It was a very interesting experience i must say, i'll save my stories for the post :) Don't you look pretty with the red flower in your hair! xX

  5. I really like these lipsticks too, but the glitter leftover annoys me.

  6. I do agree that Maybelline high shine lippies are very moisturizing with a lot of colour payoff. I had one in a lovely cherry red shade but the taste/smell was so off-putting I had to toss it out and it's that chemical scent that drug store lip products have.... I just didn't enjoy it...

  7. These sound awesome! The colors are really pretty on you too. Very natural, but still some pigment to brighten up your lips. I'll have to give these a try.

  8. I love the shades you chosen! They look fab on you.

    I think it's a good thing these are not available here, otherwise I would probably go crazy. 'Drugstore' (*bites tongue* :P) version of Dior Addicts is enough to sell it to me hehehe.


  9. You're late on the train? I missed it. =\

    Love both colors on you!

    (Won't I be lost if I watch it though? I never read the books. T_T)

  10. the swatch of coral lustre looks so pretty on you XD~~ omg I want it now

  11. Wow where did you get it for $5?! I bought one from London Drugs today for $10 :( so hard to resist