Monday, July 26, 2010

My NARS makeover

Remember my "they put BROWN eyeshadow all the way up to my Mcdonalds eyebrows!" makeover disaster from MAC earlier this year? I swore off getting makeovers after that. So I have absolutely no idea how I got roped into getting a makeover from NARS - (in actuality, I was busy enabling a friend of mine to buy NARS blushes, the MUA kindly told us about the makeover event that was going to take place on 24+25 July. Since my friend has never had a makeover before, I grudgingly put our names down).
So it was with much trepidation that I arrived at my appointment...
I was completely blown away with the results.
My MUA was Ty, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat! She is extremely knowledgeable, she is experienced with working on Asian faces, and she constantly asks for your opinion of her work - she makes you feel so at ease and she truly wants you to be happy with the results.
She managed to balance my one brow that constantly looks surprised, and NO MCDONALDS EYESBROWS OR BROWN EYESHADOW!
She's also hilariously funny, her and Jay from MUFE had me constantly in giggles the entire time I was there. Oh and in case you're wondering, it's Jay of this gorgeous piece of work I photographed at the IMATS.
Ze results:

What's on my face:
Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab mixed with Orgasm Illuminator and a bit of their Hydrating Moisture Cream.
Cheeks: Gina blush, Albatross highlight, Laguna bronzer.
Eyes: Strada, Night Fairy, Goldfinger, and Alhambra eyeshadow, Mekong as upper lash liner, China blue as lower lash liner.
Lips: Sexual Healing lipstick with Orgasm lipgloss.

Needless to say, I pretty much bought everything she used on me xD I particularly loved their foundation, I will definitely get a bottle once I'm done with my current one.
Thank you very much Ty! I had an absolute blast with you!
If any of you are interested in booking an appointment with Ty for a makeover, head down to the the NARS counter at The Bay downtown, or call 604-681-6211. Tell her sent you xD
My haul:
Hopelessly Devoted Gift Set containing:
- Blush & Bronzer duo in Deep Throat and Laguna;
- Orgasm lipgloss;
- Crepscule lipgloss;

Gina blush
Escada eyeshadow


  1. The makeup looks fabulous!! Very nice shades!

  2. oh my..... this looks AMAZING!

    the foundation looks AMAZING ON YOU!! we are the same shade! :D :D :D

    btw. could you email me your address? i have a returned package saying it was returned? UH...... what? O_______O;

    your nars makeover has brought me out from my slumber <3 mm.. nunu <3

  3. You look amazing. I love getting makeovers at NARS. they always do a great job. Now..I need to get Gina blush!

  4. You look great! You wear the colors well!

  5. Holy crap do you know how long I've been in love with 'Strada?'

    At one point I was so obsessed I couldn't pass by a Nars counter without swatching it! But then I read some reviews that said it looked grey on the eyes and my obsession stopped...

    But damn it, now looking at your pictures makes me want it again!!!!!

    You totally rock the look babe!

    PS. I totally saw the Nars girls trying to sell the gift set, Larry and I were sitting at Blenz while I checked one of the Nars girls out, she was wearing a super cute skirt!

    LOL dunno why I just told you that :D

  6. I love how the purple looks on you. You should wear it more often. :)

  7. You look so pretty!!!! :D I really like how she did your eyes!

    btw, thanks for your words of encouragement :)

  8. You look so glowy and purdy! *^_^*

  9. the lipgloss is very pretty on you!

    languna is waaay too dark on me - i dont know what to do with it lol

  10. Cute makeover! Very natural looking yet the eyes seem subtly smoky.

  11. The highlight looks so pretty - the Albatross