Monday, July 12, 2010

FaceQ Red Pomegranate & CoQ10 mask review

What they say:
"FaceQ Red Pomegranate CoQ10 Mask is designed with the unique hydrogel micro-emulsion technology provides deeper skin penetration to ensure long-lasting moisture retention. The hydrogel micro-emulsion complex provides the best solubility, which is also suitable to make into nutritional supplement. The minute particles of micro-emulsion can be easily diffused and penetrate deep into the skin to boost the effectiveness of delivering the nutrients your skin needs.
Red pomegranate and Anthocyanin are two powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. It fights against dullness and dehydration. Camomile extracts is also added to avoid further dark pigment formulation, helping skin to restore its natural glow.
After applying the facial mask, you will notice an immediate increase in luminosity, which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and firm. The facial mask provides ultra-moisture while reduces lackluster complexion."

Before:                                                                                              After:                          

What I say:
FaceQ masks are from the same Taiwanese pharmaceutical company that brought us My Beauty Diary masks. The story behind the line is that despite the differences in lifestyle and tastes, all women ultimately aspire to have skin like that of a hard boiled egg, and FaceQ masks will help you attain that desirable hard boiled egg face - their words not mine xD
I don't know about hard boiled egg face, but this mask did hydrated and brighten my face pretty well - if you click on my Before photo, you'll see I had lines underneath my eyes due to dryness, but these lines are gone in the After photo.
The mask also took away all the redness and blotchiness I had on my face courtesy of the recent Vancouver temperature spike.
The fit of these masks are absolutely amazing! They really put MBD masks to shame in this department! Regular MBD masks would have these areas where they separate and lift away from your face, the FaceQ masks don't do this at all! The mask fabric is much thinner and adheres to my face much better than MBD masks, yet it won't tear easily like the MBD premium masks.
These masks come very well soaked in essence, even more so than MBD masks. There's enough serum in the packet to cover my neck, my arms and my legs - am I the only one who does this?xD
Some girls like to rinse the remaining essence off their face, me I like to rub it in and let my skin soak it all up.

$17 for a box of 10 from with free shipping
$12 for a box of 10 from with flat rate shipping for all purchases under $100
The fit and the fabric of these masks are, in my opinion, far superior to that of the normal Beauty Diary line, instead they are more akin to the MBD premium line in terms of fit.
The results they give are similar to the results you'll get from a MBD mask, although I find the brightening effect to be less than what I'd get from my beloved Black Pearl MBD.
I would buy these instead of the MBD premium line.


  1. it fits the face very nicely. Oh, MBD go!

  2. You like these better than the MBD premium line? Now, I really want to try 'em. ;)