Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day celebrations and other things - very very very pic heavy!

July 1st is Canada Day so the boy and I went downtown to join in the festivities.

OMG!!! I finally found myself a mountie!!! I dedicate this photo to Etherealprey xD

Look at the sea of people inside Canada Place!

Canada Place Soccer Expo - there was a disabled soccer match going on, first time I've ever seen anything like it! Big respect to these guys! I moan and grown and refuse to go to the gym when I've got muscle aches, just look at these guys! p.s. spy my country's flag in the background xD

A stage performance with girls hanging from the ceiling on ribbons.

The Army Expo. We joked that if Canada had to be under attack at that very moment, we'd be unable to respond because the entire Canadian artillery was probably there xD

A jazz performance outside Canada Place.

We reckon there was more people on the street that day than the amount of people that was there for Olympics.

If you go to the windows, you can see Vancouver's north shore.

They opened up the area around the Olympic cauldron!

They even lit up the cauldron for the day! I wonder who coughed up the $10K.

This is the closest I've ever been to the cauldron xD

Haha! Olympic Men's Hockey Gold game was being show on the big screen.

A hat from a street vendor but the boy said I look funny >__>

Street performances.


In case you're curious, I used Shiseido Maquillage Clean Contrast Eyes in VI213, MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl and MAC Creme D' Nude lippie.

Also had on falsies! I used the invisible method I posted about here

Thought I'd let you guys see what I wear to work xD my first fashion post! Sorry I am really hopeless in fashion.

Another work OOTD

Foodables!!!! Seafood pot with Basa, Enoki, Shrimp, Mussles, mushrooms; veggies and Vermicelli. So yummy and so easy to make! just throw everything into a pot! Yes we love Coriander haha!

Dinner at Chez Nunu xD

My version of a Tom Yum Goon - Salmon, Tiger Prawns, Enoki mushrooms, finish off with a handful of coriander.

London Drugs, a local pharmacy, was clearing out their stock of Annabelle cosmetics. I picked up a bunch of Smudgeliners and Smoothliners for a blogger buddy and myself. The formula is a good dupe of UD's 24/7 pencils in terms of staying power! but at a fraction of the price.

Swatches - sorry I don't remember which was which any more as I did these in the shop.

A recent Cosme-de haul - will review the O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask soon!

Last but definitely not least, a surprise gift from a very special "Denmarkian" xD. When we last met, I complained about how Canada doesn't sell Labello (yes I know Nivea bought them out but I feel the North American formula is different) and she totally hooked me up!! She also sent me Gosh lippies xD. The bf has nommed the choccies already, he says they're his "SO tax"! Thank you sooo much Chyi!!! I love it!!!


  1. Looks like Vancouver really went all out for Canada day!

    Your cooking looks so good! I love coriander too :) Besides they always sell it in a huge bunch so you have to use it all up quickly anyway.

    Love the outfits! too bad my work dress codes are jeans + tees so nothing to show there :/

  2. *GASP* Look, a real mountie!! Looks like you had fun on Canada day :)

    I hope you like the MAC pigments, as for "Your Ladyship" I find that by taking just half a pea size, rubbing it in my palms and lightly running it through my hair is a great way to liven up hair before going clubbing. Is a link to some looks a did waay back but it gives and idea what the Twinkle eyeshadow can be used for. It also acts as a sealant or you can just line the eyes for some extra pop!

  3. zomg they do exist! and you said they were just mounted people in normal uniforms! A mounty! Did you poke him to make sure he was real?! lol!

  4. Wow~! You got to do such exciting things on Canada Day!
    Omgosh, so THAT'S what happened to Labello! My bf loves that stuff and wonders what happened to them!