Monday, March 8, 2010

The one with the love packs and food - pic heavy

I recently took part in a Secret Valentine gift exchange organised by Alienman. Guess who ironically ended up being my gift giver? The Alien herself! The little sneak, I had a little nagging suspicion it was her, but she acted all innocent to the point of even telling me what she was making as a gift! Lookit what she got me!!!!

She made me a brooch!!! out of Sculpy!!! She made each little bit by hand!! I'm so touched, no one's ever made me anything this intricate before! I'll treasure it always *sniff*. It's suppose to be a mini me with the circle scarf that I'd wanted xD Look at all the amazing details!
She also got me the most hilarious card, hahahaa when I first opened it I almost dropped it cos I was like, "wtf?" lol.
Oh Seyoung, where do I even start? not only were you one of the first to welcome me to the world of blogging with open arms, you also provided me, and others, with a space to vent, to bond, a place to run to when we thought we were all alone, a place to care and to love, a place where we can draw courage and support,  and to round it all off, an endless supply of gossip xD.
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you. I <3 you! and fank you for being my fwend!

As if that wasn't enough, my dear Dreezy sent me love all the way from Singapore!
Silk Whitia masks!!! I have become quite the mask fiend lately, and I'd heard good words for these masks through the blogosphere, so naturally I had to get my greedy paws on some. However, they don't seem to sell these in Vancouver, so I'd initially asked Dreez if she'll be interested in a swop. Without further ado, this girl had popped these into the mail for me. I definitely need to send her a thank you gift for her generosity! Look out for the package coming your way! (btw, holy crap, postage is expensive from S'pore to Canada! Here I was complaining about $8 postage!) I'll be doing a more in depth review of these masks in the coming weeks, but my first impression of these masks is that if you're looking for a whitening product, your search ends here! The Pook literally stared at me for 5 mins, and told me that I had visibly whitened and my face was glowing, after the first use!

And what is a MACnunu post without food, glorious food?

I made pasta! Basically I ripped all the meat off a turkey drumstick, cut away the skin and excess fat, put it into my Magic Bullet and made turkey mince! Then I sauted it mushrooms, red bell peppers and lots of Parmesan cheese. I didn't do a Nunu's kitchen for this because I didn't take photos until the very end, however, if you're interested in the recipe, either drop me a comment or send me an email and I'll be happy to forward it to you!

I also made Bouillabaisse! So easy, yet so yummy and impressive looking!
Dude, I made a huge pot and it was completely polished off by the 4 of us!!The Pooker said he ate 3 bowls haha! This recipe is really easy! including preparation, it took me less than an hour! Comment if you'd like the recipe!
Japanese curry, nufink special, you just add the curry block to ur veggies n meat.

Another pasta! This time with shredded roast chicken, mushrooms, pesto n balsamic vinaigrette tomatoes!

We went to Pho Hoa for lunch the other day. It's apparently a well known north American franchise. Their stuff is...aight...not great or anything. The Pho Tan on Main and 30th is still the best imho.

When we went to visit our friends in Port Coquitlam the other night, they suggested going to Pearl Castle for bubble tea. I ordered a House Special Oolong milk tea with pearls. Omg it was sooo good! It had that strong tea taste which I love, and a rich, fragrant, smooth milk finish!

My friend ordered the hot taro milk tea, it came with it's own pot and a dish of pearls which you add yourself! it was so cute!! I never had hot bbt served this way before!

I also ordered condense milk brick toast, it wasn't great haha

Also made Haemul Pajeon xD it looks a little burnt in the photo...but it wasn't in real life!

Dinner for the night!Pajeon, Bak choi and enoki mushrooms in oyster sauce, and unagi don xD

Just a snap I took of my lunch. There's this Italian restaurant in Gastown called "Al Porto", we love getting their Table D’hôte for lunch. It's $12 for a soup of the day, plus a Caesar salad, and their daily feature pasta! Their soups are always really really good and their pasta never fails to impress either! Today it was a roasted tomato soup and shredded lamb pasta.

And lastly I leave you with photos of my dinner from Sushi Garden. We went to their recently opened branch close to Brentwood town centre. If you're looking for cheap ($3-$4 for a roll), and fresh sushi, this is the place to go. They're not the most authentic place (Korean run), and their waitresses are kinda clueless, but they taste pretty good, and we've abandoned our old haunt Shiro in favour of this place. We love their uni sushi, their chopped scallop roll, and their negitoro roll xD. Arrive early or reserve a table to avoid the wait, they have queues that go out the door and around the corner during peak hours.

I should really start carrying a camera around with me, it hurts my eyes to have to look at Blackberry taken photos. 
I am off to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D! I'll be the girl wearing the Alice in Wonderland t-shirt with UD Alice in Wonderland on my eyes! Say hi if you see me! xD
Until we meet again my lovelies!


  1. The food looks gooood! :D I came here from Alienman's blog, so excited to read a fellow Vancouverite's beauty/food blog! I'll definitely be checking back often!

  2. You got yourself a dot com website, yay!

    The food looks so yummy! Pho Hoa is really famous back home but outside of VN, it is ok.

  3. ohhhh the food looks great! You're a great cook :)

    Thanks for the restaurant names..I'm gonna be in vancity for work so I'll try and check those places out ^^

  4. Haha, no i don't live in a hotel (tho, I may never be able to sleep in a hotel again considering it's like a hotbed for bed bugs)
    I lived in an apartment building, and i suspect those things traveled by vents from another floor :S
    So I moved away... As long as they don't follow me... Omg, I'm still freaked out tho... Which is why i sleep in a tent and have panic attacks every time i see a bump on my skin :SSSS
    Sigh, i have post traumatic stress syndrome...
    What's a korean fringe?
    Haha, and your food pics look bloody fantastic too! :D
    How was the Olympics? Did you get to see Stephen Colbert?

  5. yummmy food
    hope u liked alice in wonderland

    look forward to all ur reviews
    p.s alienman is uber talented with the clay!

  6. oh with your food posts only make me want to travel across the border. Hope you enjoy Alice in Wonderland. Let us know if it's good! :)

  7. yea I'm going to Vancity for work! yay yay, too bad it's not during the olympics lol I don't know the dates yet, but it should be within the next couple of weeks :)

  8. no, fank YOU!! I would buy you an entire Face Shop or a whole Missha store if I could! A girl is lucky to have you as a friend :)

    Korean-owned sushi places in Oregon are TOTAL rip-offs. They charge you 8-10 bucks for balls of rice with teeny slivers of fish. The service is always lousy, too. You are so lucky to be able to access such cheap but decent sushi!! I'd be eating sushi everyday LOL

  9. aww I LOVE bubble teaaa! its amazing ...wish they do hot ones in England!

    The food looks YUMMEH! I want I want to eat it all :D

  10. i was gonna ask you where you ate until you said you cooked it. talk about talent girl! everything looks SO YUMMY! <33

  11. the brooch is soooo intricate!! and the sushi... YUMMMM <3

  12. thats one hell of a food porn!!
    i know shipping from sing and canada is expensive!
    USPS is the best!!!lol

  13. Omg, I am drooling at your food porn! XD I love how they gave you the pearls separately at the tea place. Your love packs rock especially that handmade cute brooch!

    About the Revlon lippy, as it's only my 3rd lipstick I'm no expert but I did read on someone else's blog (forget who) that it was similar to MAC. Hope that helps =)

  14. Omg, yes! Good to know your bf enjoyed the movie too. Last thing I want is my hubs to be snoring and annoying the eff outta me...haha! XP

  15. Lucky! I love Alienman's art. Hope she does more Sculpey figurines and Holy Craps! (Lol that sounded weird)

  16. Wow that brooch IS intricate! So detailed! And OMG she sent you TheFaceShop masks! I am IN LOVE WITH THOSE MASKS haha!

    So many good eats, yum ^^

  17. That's so nice of alienman to make you something! I think that means more than getting all the other stuff... hehe~

    You always have food post which I like, as well as, recipes... wheee~ :)