Friday, March 5, 2010

A sunny day in Vancouver - extremely pic heavy

Purely a photographic post. Taken during a rare week of good weather, of course temperatures will hit mid 10s during the WINTER Olympics in February.

The Cauldron; a better view:
The maddening crowds:
The protesters outside the Vancouver Gallery, they are of the opinion that the money spent on the Olympics is better spent giving them free housing and free crack.
Right next to the protesters were these guys, the sign it says, "They say protest, we say party!", needless to say, we followed these guys instead.
Assorted sculptures and installations along Granville Street:

Ra + Icarus? lol
Robson Square, watching the Olympic mascot show before being kicked out by kids T.T
This is an outdoor skate rink that has been closed for the last 10 years. They recently reopened it for the Olympics.
Do you see that person dangling in the air by those trees? That's the Robson Zipline!! Basically you hook yourself up to these wires, and you slide along that wire across the top of the city!
The wait for this was 6 hours long!!! So unfortunately I didn't get to personally have a go T.T However, I will try to get on during the Para Olympics next week! Until then, here is a video I found on Youtube for the Zipline.
Most of Robson Street was closed to traffic so as to allow the pedestrians to enjoy the festivities:
Artist showcase outside the Vancouver Art Gallery:
Down Granville Street:
Spotted this in the Puma window xD so cute but the bf isn't a Puma fan so I didn't buy anything.
We'd heard that the Irish House was THE place to be...
...however, when we got there...$10 cover charge??!!!!when everywhere else was free??!!!
I'd rather go see bobsledding puppies instead xD
The Infamous Team Japan speed skating outfit. 
We went to Live City Vancouver. Going through their security check made me think I was getting onto a plane or going into an American high school.
My friend and I standing in the queue. Haha yes he is single! Interested? you gotta pay me xD
People come here to watch Olympic events on 2 super HUGE Panasonic screens.
Omg, we stood in this line for over an hour to get into the Coca Cola pavillion T.T
A display of all the limited edition Coke packaging.
I believe these were the special Olympic editions.
This is what the Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch looks like.
The best Coke bottle of all time.
Being served free Coke which comes shooting out of those chutes on an "ice" bar xD did you know that the optimum temperature for serving Coke is 4 degrees Celsius?
Giant painted Coke bottles:
LED Coke bottle
False Creek and Olympic Village:
This was where the opening and closing ceremony were held:
The queue to go inside Ontario House to watch the 4D movie:
In case you've been living under a rock, Canada won gold for Men's Hockey!! we also won 13 other gold medals, the most amount of gold medals won by any host city, but according to Canadians, this was the one that really mattered haha. We joined the rest of the city in celebrations. These photos were taken pretty much immediately after the game, most of the people had taken to driving around in the streets waving the Canadian flag and hooting from their cars lol.

This is the roof of the Vancouver Expo Centre, they apparently keep bees on the roof.
A night shot of the Olympic Cauldron with the Olympic rings in the background, those rings turn gold every time Canada won a gold medal.
Look at that huge flag! They were singing the Canadian National Anthem xD
A zoomed in pic of the rings:
And suddenly, the flames went out! The Pooker happened to look up at that very moment and saw the flames go out.
That didn't stop the people from carrying on the celebrations in the streets. We stayed out until 11pm that night and the crowd was still just as boisterous.
Time to go home:
Goodbye Olympics, thank you for the experience of a lifetime. We miss you so much! Come back any time!


  1. Thanks for uploading the photos - I already miss the Olympics! Canada did so well during the games :) btw, the bobsledding dogs are so cute! ahhaa

  2. Vancougar pride :3
    Aww I wanted to see the cauldron so badly! But now it's out ):
    Zip lining sounded fun.. but my friend waited over 3 hours for a turn! So crazy..

    Vancouver is so quiet now compared to how it was during the olympics o-o

  3. Dude, that zipline looks fun but 6 hours?! Fuhgetaboutit. Thank you for sharing these awesome pics!