Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Whistler and back - pic heavy

T'was the Pooker's birfdey so off we went to Whistler. In the wake of the Olympics and the Paralympics, the Village was almost eerily quiet.

All the structures that were put in place for the Olympics were being taken down

Having a Galileo moment

A quick lunch at La Brasserie: Club sandwich and Croque Monsieur

The Paralympic "Agitos"

All hail the Canadian Buddah!

This was the Olympic Alpine Skiing slope

About to do something stupid...see the "Before" expression...

...the "After" expression

No I will not look behind me!

Made it! The view was definitely worth it!

To add to our collection of Inukshuk photos...

As if getting to the top wasn't enough, we decided to take the Peak to Peak to go across the valley to another mountain top...

Tweeting my last words...


The Pooker said I was making faces like this throughout the entire ride...

The view...

It's a long way down...

Made it! I hug a familiar friend! Why familiar?...

...cos I've seen him before! at the Victoria Royal Museum last year! I think I shall make a point to take photos hugging stuffed bears from now...

Before going back to the hotel for a well needed nap, I stocked up on Lush bath bombs xD

Dinner time at La Rua in the Upper Village

Tuna trio appie

Seared scallop with Serrano ham

My Sablefish main, it kinda tasted like soba noodle soup xD

The Pooker's Bouillabaisse, it was gooood! we figured we almost had an entire crab in there.

There was also dessert, but all the photos I took had the Pooker's face in it so I'd refrain from posting those xD I was quite tipsy from all the wine we had during dinner, I proceeded to walk in zig zags from the restaurant to the car in an effort to show the bf how to run away from alligators...xD

We also went ice "skating". I'll just leave you with these embarrassing photos T.T there were 3yr olds twirling circles around me...

Into the sin bin for a slashing penalty! btw, look at how much space I have around me in the penalty box, then look at how hockey players barely fit in there T.T

We spent most of the next day browsing the Village and the surroundings, before we left I grabbed ice cream at Cows!

One last photo of the view outside our balcony.

On the way home we stopped at Squamish to take this photo next to...

...this guy! Ahahahaa this was always how I'd imagined Canadian people to look like xD.

More Inukshuk photos...we're gonna make it a point to take photos next to Inukshuks from now.

The gorgeous view all the way home.

I hope you enjoyed our Whistler trip! sadly our vacation has come to an end and it's back to work for the two of us from tomorrow! There are still a couple of posts that I'm working on, some reviews, some hauls, and a lot of thank yous!
Stay tuned!


  1. It looked like you guys gad fun!! Your pics made me nostalgic of my Whistler trip last yr, but sadly there was no snow. That bouillabaise looks soooo good!!

  2. looks like you had some fun XD

    ps in the pic with the buddha, it looks like you are bonking your head on the hand rail infront of you!
    I did a double take at that part cause I was confused as to why you were balancing a rod on your head...then I realized it was a hand rail...then realized the point of the picture was buddha...oh deal >_< lol

  3. Hey cool :) I hope you enjoyed good old' whistler! Its weird to see a visitors point of view!

    I've lived in Vancouver since I was 6 years old and I've only been to Whistler ONCE! I know total lame-o but I'm scared of heights and without skiing and snowboarding there is not much left for me to do lol.

    Your pictures are mega cute!

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment :) I really appreciate it!

  4. I've never seen snow before but this place looks so nice and quiet! Thanks for sharing all your fun travel and food pictures. Hope you had a wonderful vacation and you look great in the pictures!

  5. Yay whistler!
    I love all the scenic photos, whistler is so beautiful! I can't believe I've never gone.. maybe one day.
    Did you go skiing or snowboarding?

  6. LMAO at the Canadian Buddha pic! XD Great pics, lovey.

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm sorry I missed you too... :(

    I'll be back, Vancouver is such a beautiful place. I would totally move there hahah

    The two places I will always remember eating at: Sandbar on Granville Island (the restaurant under the bridge) and Go Fish - wow their salmon burger is to die for! you're so lucky for living there!!!!

  8. Whistler looks like Blue Mountain!! hehe but of course better... too bad it's so expensive to fly to BC!! you know it's more expensive to go to BC than to Florida... or a cruise... :(

  9. Did you go up the gondola just to look down from the top? I'm too chicken to do that, even with skis or a snowboard :T

    HAHAAHAHAHA I was looking at the bear pix and I thought, how did you change outfits on the same day, I was so moded when I read your excerpt about mr bear!

  10. o god lol you in that penalty box is pure cuteness

  11. Nunu, you're so cute I just wanna squeeze you! I love the food pics, especially that huge club sandwich from the Brasserie. Holy...that thing was huge! I'm so glad you and your Pookie took a vacation - it's great to get out of town once in a while. I hope you gave him lots of birthday sex!!! hahahahaha