Friday, November 20, 2009

What is a Nunu anyways?

So I've been asked, "What is a Nunu?"
Here's your answer:

Exhibit A

Once upon a time, when yours truly was but a little munchkin, there was a show on tv called Teletubbies. It was a BBC show and I have no idea if it was ever broadcast in North America. It was about these 4 alien babies and their various adventures. The 4 alien babies had a pet robotic vacuum cleaner called 'Nunu', refer to Exhibit A above.
Yes, my name sake is a blue vacuum cleaner with vacant googly eyes, but this thing was the original roomba and that makes it cool.


Anyways, my high math teacher used to refer to all cute animals/bugs as 'nunus', I spent so much bloody time in that classroom that this term of endearment rubbed off on me and I too begun to call all cute creatures a 'nunu'.
The Pookie found this habit of mine so inanely adorable that he deemed 'Nunu' to be my official nickname.

Alternatively, on Urban Dictionary, a Nunu is defined as:

1. cute or adorable.. noun or adjective
 e.g. hhooo my god, you are such a nunu!! OR arrr that bunny is sooo nunu
2. Referring to one's new love interest
 e.g. I would like you to meet my NuNu, her name is Megan.
3. A woman's vagina,
 e.g. She shaves her nunu bald. Eat my nunu! A girl has a nunu a boy has a willy.
4. Bangla word for penis
 e.g. my nunu hurts
5. n. labia
 e.g. If you don't like it, you can kiss my nunu.

...Um...could we just stick to the first definition?...I don'ts wanna be genitalia!

What's in a name?

I've always wanted a White Scottish Highland Terrier named McMuffin.
Somehow, the "Mc" part got prefixed onto Nunu and hence McNunu.
I like M.A.C., so "McNunu" became "MAC.Nunu".
MAC and you see the connection?...
Hence "A MAC a day..."




    this literally had me ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

    oh my dear nunu.... oh my dear nunu i nearly died laughing "my nunu hurts" ahahahhahaha lol lol lol

    so um. is it pronounced "new-new"?

    btw i have a westie. i totally think we were meant to be ;)

  2. OMG!can I please call it McMuffins? or McNuggets?
    Those definitions are so wrong =.=" I don't wanna be a pee pee!
    It's pronounced 'Noo-noo' like 'Moo moo' but with a 'n' sound

  3. LOL!!!!! This was nice to now know how your name came to be =)