Friday, November 6, 2009

On the first day of blogging, my true love sent to me...

...a MAC holiday palette!
Well, technically he gave me a gift card...2 months part of his anniversary gift to me.
It's rather ironic that I start my blog with a post about the MAC holiday collection. Why, you ask?
See, when I first saw the images for the MAC holiday collection on Temptalia, and then later on the Muse's blog, I went through the following:
  1. Hyperventilation;
  2. "Omigaad, I wants EVERYTHING!!!I WANTS IT NOW!!!!" I then proceeded to tell the long suffering, yet adoring, slave boyfriend how I want October to come NOW!
  3. Rinse and repeat above actions for 2 months;
  4. Scour the internet for photos and scrutinise any which come to light;
  5. Repeat above daily.
So you see, I was a really excited Nunu. MAC holiday collections have always been my favourite and I've never been disappointed by them.
As luck would have it, I happened to walk past a MAC counter one evening after work....omg....could it be?wait it's not time yet, it's not suppose to be released until later this week!Standing loud and proud at the counter was the display case for the MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief 2009 holiday collection. OMG OMG OMG!Breathe woman, breathe, and try not to trod over small human beings in your haste. I think I might have peed a little.
I'll spare you the rest of my melodramatic antics and skip to the important bits.
I swatched, I frowned, I swatched again, the MUA frowned, I mumbled, she backs up a little in fear, I circle the display, she watches me with those golden eyes, I swatch again.
...that sounded like a Twilight novel...
All right!all right!I'll stop eeet.
So what did I think of the collection? I'm not impressed (pouts and folds arms across chest).
I'd already decided from the beginning that I didn't want any of the brush sets, so I didn't bother looking at them other than to acknowledge that the bag the brushes come in were indeed cute. I don't do lip palettes, due to the mess they create, I can't wear dazzleglass because....I work in a field where glitterball effect lips would raise eyebrows and not paycheques. It was them damn eyeshadow palettes I was having wet dreams of and those oh so cleverly designed face kits which danced just outta my reach while I sat on a toilet with no bog was a dream...
That being said, there are 2 different face kits; Hocus Pocus, a 'colour' face kit, and Fab-racadabra, a bronzing face kit.
Hocus Pocus consists of 2 beauty powders; Pretty Baby and Sunsparked Pearl, and a sheertone shimmer blush, Peachykeen. Fab-racadabra consists of Golden bronzing powder, Buffed & Polished iridescent powder and Sunbasque sheertone shimmer blush.
Now, before I go any further, there's something you need to know about yours faithfully, and that is I don't do bronzing powders. See, up until about a year ago, Nunu lived in a country where there was perpetual sunshine regardless of the different seasons. My skin tone was around MAC nc35-nc37 and there was never need for fake bake or bronzing powder. Since moving to the northern hemisphere, my skin has dropped over 10 shades!!It's now around nc25 and in the dead of winter turns to a ghostly nc20. What does this have to do with bronzing powders?Well...I just...don't see the point of paying for something that nature will give me when summer comes around. I like the fact that my skin tone now varies between seasons, as it gives me the chance to use colours I wouldn't have been able to carry off if my skin stayed dark all year round. In addition, some women look like goddesses with bronzing powder, the Nunu just looks like a golliwog.
Of the 3 colours inside the Hocus Pocus kit, only 1 colour showed up on my skin and that was Peachykeen. The beauty powders just...disappeared.
The 4 eyeshadow palettes which I so coveted?I felt like I had a dupe of almost EVERY SINGLE COLOUR in them!I was ready to cry at this stage. My collection is minuscule! How could this beeeeeee??!!!
I looked up accusingly at the MUA, she looks back at me nervously, my nostrils flared a little.
Long story short, I left without buying anything, went home, cried to the boyfriend, and promptly went online to check Temptalia's review on the collection in the hopes that what I'd just seen was a hallucination, a mirage. Nope, it turns out she's not too overly impressed with the collection either! Out of the 4 palettes, she only liked the one for warm eyes called Devil May Dare.
A few days later, I was back at the same MAC counter, gold eyed girl wasn't there this time, instead a male MUA was there. I like male MUAs, my first and favourite MAC MUA was male. I flat out demanded him to choose his palette of choice and he points at Devil May Dare.
$48 later and it was mine.

Swatches for your viewing pleasure.

An EOTD to induce your gag reflex will follow soon-ish.

What was the point of this post?there was none, it was all part of a conspiracy to make you read a long assed entry. Welcome to my blog.

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