Friday, November 6, 2009

My Beauty Diary

The Nunu first came across these masks via the lovely Yumeko's blog. She'd liked them enough to haul them en masse, and if the queen of sheet masks deemed them to be worthy, how could a mere Nunu refuse? I'd tried sheet masks only once before, and I liked them quite a lot as there was no need to spread the product over the face like traditional liquid masks or rinse after use. I'm just lazy like that.

The lowdown:
  • Made in Taiwan;
  • Comes in a variety of flavours, to suit different skin conditions;
  • Has Nanosphere technology, which supposedly aids in absorption of the good stuff.
Sounds good eh? (Look at me trying to be Canadian!). The hard part was trying to find them.  Sasa has it available for around $18 for a box of 10...and shipping to Canada is another $18. What the frak.
You gotta be kidding me, I live in Vancouver for heaven sake, home to the biggest population of Asian people outside of Asia! There's gotta be some local Asian market that stocks them!
Fast forward a couple of weeks by which time I'd mostly forgotten about them.
The Pookie and I were out grocery shopping one day after work at the local T&T (Asian supermarket chain), and guess what I saw in a display stand on the corner of instant noodles and tooth paste? MY BEAUTY DIARY MASKS!Yes!!!
I squealed, ditched the poor Pookie, and ran over.
Now, being the obsessive compulsive beauty blogger that I am, I'd already pre-did all my homework on these masks to determine which would be the best one for my skin type. I wanted either the aloe one for dry damaged skin or the bulgarian white rose one which promises to give white translucent skin.
They didn't have it. Nothing. You heard me. Nada.
As per usual, I threw a nunu tantrum.
"Can't you just get a different type?" asks the Pookie. Noooooooooooooooooooo!I had my heart set on that one!
For the next couple of weeks, each time we went shopping, I'd check to see if they have the ones I want, and then pout.
One night, they went on sale. For $10 a box. Of 10 masks.
I immediately called the Pookie, I don't think he understood most of that garbled conversation. The only problem was they still didn't have the ones I wanted, "but it's only $10 a box!what have you got to lose?", besides, Black Pearl sounds good...Mmmm....Johnny Depp. The Asian inside of me trembled a lil in excitement.
By the next day I'd convinced myself to get them, a 30% discount is enough to make The Body Shop's never drying mascara look attractive.
Guess what?
They weren't on sale no more.
Yip, apparently the sale ended the night before.
Cue a nunu tantrum, and another week of refusing to buy them at regular price and lots of whining.
Last night the Pookie smsed  me on his way to the supermarket:

P: "Since I'll be at T&T. Do we need anything?"
N: " nice you are to me?xDDD"
P: "Hahahahhaa I get it"
N: "Innocent big eyes blink. Wot do u mean?I din't say nufing"
P: "You move tail I know haha"

So, it is on his generosity that I bring you the first ever M.A.C.nunu Beauty Challenge!
I will use the masks every night for 10 nights, at the end of which I'll post an 'After' photo. The only rule is that I change nothing else in my skin care routine.

Without further ado, the Before photo.

Big noticeable pores, dry from indoor heating and weather, scarring, redness and dark marks from previous breakouts.

The Goods.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
Claims from website: Black pearl actives to whiten and soften the skin. Pineapple, lime and cucumber extract to accelerate metabolism of stratum comeum; gently removes dead epithelial cells.

Let the games begin.

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