Monday, November 30, 2009

Random weekend post and EOTD.

Ever heard of a burger place called "Fat Burger"?

I hear they're really famous in America. Anyways, one opened close to our house and we decided to try it this weekend. Look at their menu! It's a cardiologist's worst nightmare.

This is what I got, the Ultimate Mushroom Swiss Burger. It was $7.99 quite expensive?

This is what Le Pookie got, I think it was called the Kingburger? 16 oz of meat! That's like 454 grams!! (Yes, I worked it out xD)

The girls on Seyoung's forum will know that I've been on the lookout for a bag lately, was just funny that I saw this inside a local pharmacy the other day. Sorry for blurry quality of photos, I took this with my Blackberry, but you can clearly see the Gucci print. No, I did not buy it haha!

We also went to a Japanese tapa restaurant the other night, I don't remember the name of any of the dishes except the Ebi Mayo. The one that's inside a shot glass tasted just like the dried squid you buy in packets from the supermarket!!

Looks scary no? That is soft shell crab I think.

Ebi Mayo! Pookie's favourite.

I love saba, but I hate when they cook it thoroughly. This one was too cooked for my taste. Isn't their tea set cute??!! I wanted to steal it, but Pookie said they'll notice it.

Some kind of spicy roll...I am really bad at names of food, especially Japanese food, I always make the Pookie order.

Lastly, my EOTD. Sorry about scary brows, and smudging. Question, how do you ladies get your photos to come out with colours looking so true?


  1. That's not a Gucci! That's a Smoochie! lol

    I looove this EOTD. I think I'll do something similar this weekend. Do you have Adobe Photoshop? I have my camera set to take pictures as raw files. If you open the raw file on Photoshop, it opens up the Camera Raw app where you can tweak the temperature, tint, exposure etc... . It's super easy and fun to play around on.

    Your sushi pix are making me drooool!! but omg those burgers look nasty >.< I've never heard of Fatburgers but holy crap they look like everything that's wrong with America LOL

  2. Colors so true? Ah, the eternal quest :)

    Mine is a cheap Canon camera, which does a decent job but I've been playing with it for almost a year now so I really know what works. You may need to play with different lightning and learn how to use manual mode.

    I got some yellowish FOTDs when I started, too. Oh well, you live you learn.

  3. yummy foood!

    for me to get the colors, i try to take a photo in the sunlight XD

  4. Omg, that mushroom burger was expensive!! You can get a whole meal and more at McDonalds! Was it worth it?

    Mmm sushi pics are making me hungy!

    I've never been able to take eye-makeup pictures well. :P Let me know when you find out! :P