Friday, November 20, 2009

My Beauty Diary Masks 10 day challenge

The results are in for the Nunu's first beauty challenge!!

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Masks.

Without further ado, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, I present to you the "After" photo.

This is what my skin looked like before the challenge.

The masks come folded up with a 'backing sheet'. I think it's to prevent the mask from sticking together. I kinda find this inconvenient, as after you unfold the mask, you still have to peel off this backing sheet. It's kinda wasteful too.

Each mask comes with more than enough serum, I use the excess on my hands xD. The serum itself is clear and is slightly viscous...and feels just like glycerine?

I've heard some beauty bloggers complain that the mask is too wide, I personally didn't have this problem, probably cos I have a wide face? Anyways, the mask itself has 'notches' which allow you to adjust the mask to fit your face.

The masks are of a decent thickness and had quite a pleasant texture. (<---is that an odd statement?)
I was so happy to find that even though I had the mask on, I was immobilised!I could actually walk around, watch tv, do work and it'll still stay stuck on my face!

Did it work?

YES! I changed nothing else in my daily routine during this challenge, my diet was the same, no special action creams or lotions, I washed my face as usual in the shower with Lush Coalface, then I'll apply the mask, leave it on for 30 mins, take it off and apply my usual Body Shop Vitamin E night creme.
In my "After" photo, you can clearly see that there's less inflammation and redness, my skin is more hydrated, when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels so plump n juicy xD. My face is smoother, those annoying bumps under my skin are mostly gone, my makeup goes on SO much easier! I can actually fake perfect skin without using any concealer! Oh, most importantly, no irritation or allergic reaction noted. I've heard some bloggers say that the Apple variety can cause mild to severe irritation due to the acidity, so I'm gonna stay away from those. I really really really recommend these!


I would also like to mention that during the span of the challenge, I was asked out 3 times by guys other than the Pookie. Hee! Make of that what ye will xD.

More photos.


  1. woooooowww that looks realy awesome!!! i must find me some now O_O

    and... are... those.... vivienne westwoood earrrinngssss!!!!!?????? <3 <3 <3

    and J = pookie???? xD

  2. I swear I didn't photoshop those results, I'm quite amazed myself.
    Yes those are VW earrings xD I luv her!

  3. ME TOOO!!!!!!! <3 <3

    i've been trying to find one of the pendants/orbs by her, but am having a hard time locating one i like! i loved that collection!!!!!!

  4. Have you tried they carry a lot of her old lines and their prices are quite good!Last time I checked they still have the bas relief orb pendant (like my earrings in the photo but necklace) and the tiny orb pendant. I am DYING for her Ornamental orb necklace, it's in oxidised silver!

  5. D: How do i go about getting me one of dem masks

  6. Yeah, I want to ask the same question too :) WHere to get these masks?

  7. I got mine from my local Asian supermarket. As far as I know, Sasa stocks them but they're hideously over priced.
    I shall dig some more and see where else it's available.
    Alt, I can get them for you.

  8. I haven't tried the Black Pearl mask yet but now I totally want to after seeing those amazing before and after pics!

    Thank you for joining my giveaway and good luck! I love your X'mas wish. :)

  9. wow amazing results
    i have so many but i dont use them regularly
    going to have to try harder now

  10. dang! that is some wonderful results you got!
    thanks for documenting the great pic~

    and no worries, i laughed to, which made me look ridiculous, but i was soo puny and pathetic looking :P