Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mea culpa, Mea culpa.

...Yes, I am still alive and well...but my fridge...not so much.
The NEW fridge which came with our NEW condo has apparently fallen victim to a one in a million, never seen in 11 years, manufacturer's defect.
I was starting to think that Zuul (cue Ghostbuster's theme song) was living in our fridge when we kept hearing these moaning, creaking and clicking noises coming from the fridge each time we closed the door.
So anyways, the repair guy comes, tell us that he needs to order a new motor and that he'll be back in a week to install it.
He came in yesterday, spent 3 hours tinkling about, and at the end, informs us that our fridge is broken. Um...yeah...we kinda gathered that, and you're here to fix it right?
Apparently, even with the new motor, our fridge was not working.
He has to order yet another spare part and the EARLIEST it's gonna be ready is by Thursday, and in the meantime, we'll just have to be without a fridge.
Well...why can't he just put the old motor back in?I'll take Zuul noises and working fridge over silence and no fridge. He said he can't because it'll take another 2 hours work to put the old one back in.


Luckily we had not yet done our weekly grocery shopping, so we ended up throwing some stuff out, driving some over to friends and family and putting some in a cooler box which we've left on our patio.
So until such time as I have a working fridge, there will be no Nunu's Kitchen posts, as I'm sure you don't wanna see how I make Miso soup from a tub...which is what we're having for dinner tonight...and maybe a tea egg...
I know, I know, a broken fridge does NOT give me an excuse not to do beauty posts. My 10 day Beauty Diary mask challenge is done and I'll be posting about that shortly.  I also managed to scavenge some Urban Decay at 30% regular price so I'll be doing an EOTD "some time" in the future...
In the meantime, PLEASE DON'T UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!!


  1. gah, what a hassle!! hope it all works out <3

  2. Oh no, girl, you should go get an ice box and store your food outside like in the good ole day. I went to UD website today and that Book of Shadow II already sold out. I'm too bummed for this!

  3. That's what we're doing now, but we're kinda scared that our cooler box will get stolen because we live on the ground floor x.x
    I've long given up on the Book of Shadows, it's sold out at both Sephoras here!I'm considering the Urban Ammo palette or the Tarte Treasure box instead, but what will I do with all the matt shadows?

  4. oh no, hopefully all that fixing is not going to break the bank!!! eek!!

    and haha to ur comment on my blog
    infamous sounds so bad hahahahah
    i never heard of princess brand of fakelashes and..i dont see how its going to give wrinkles on ur eyelids..doesnt that make it double eyelids? heehee just joking