Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffret D'or LP Soft Gel Foundation UV review

I stole this off a fellow beauty addict at Sheila's blogger meet up last month. I feel really really bad, she didn't want anything that I'd brought and yet I walked off with her brand new foundation. I felt even worse when I found out the steep price of the product. $40! Yikes! Zoe, dearest, please get in contact with me, I have not been able to sleep nor eat because I keep thinking bout how I gimped you of this foundation. I mean this in all seriousness, if you don't contact me, I'm gonna have to track you down at work where I shall proceed to do all kinds of creepy stalkerly things such as smelling your hair and hoarding your gum wrappers.
Ok, onto the review.
What they say:
"Gives an ecstatic feeling of lasting moisture. For luxurious and radiant skin. Lasting Power that even stands up to sweat and sebum! Just one application deemphasises shadows of pores for more elegant skin. Spread this silky gel on your skin to change to a smooth texture. Adhering to skin while evenly covering pores to smooth the skin's surface, makeup deterioration is prevent and the comfortable, freshly applied fit lasts and lasts. Formulated with Change block Fixer. Formulated with Poreless Powder."
What I say:
Coffret D'or is another one of those subsidiary lines by Kanebo, like Lunasol, Kate, and T'estimo. Its price point is not as high as Lunasol, but not as cheap at Kate, for example, this foundation sells for around HK$270ish or US$40 which is around MAC prices I guess?
The foundation comes in 7 different colours, and you get to choose between a beige (more yellow) and an ochre (more pink) hue as well as level of brightness. I got mine in the colour BE-B which is the brightest of the beige hue family and I'd say that the colour is suitable for NC 20-25.
You'll all be glad to know that the foundation comes with a pump dispenser that actually works!...unlike "some" products we know *ahem* MUFE HD Blush *ahem* xD
Has SPF 25.
The texture of the foundation is very light and moussey, it is even fluffier than MAC's Studio Sculpt gel foundation.
Coverage is medium and buildable to full, it had no problems covering up my redness and dark marks.
Finish is what I'd call a satin. It is neither matte nor dewy, it just looks very natural yet slightly luminous.
My only issue with this foundation is its application and the fact that it gets a lil patchy and cakey after a few hours of wear.
I found this foundation really hard to apply. I tend to have problems with gel based foundations, they streak like a mofo. It doesn't matter how I apply it, be it with a traditional flat foundation brush, a flat top or a skunk brush, it'll all end up looking like Canadian bacon - streaky. The Coffret D'or website recommends applying this foundation with a sponge, maybe I need to try that -__-" The way that I apply this foundation is by stippling it on with a small duo fibre face brush and then buffing out the streaks using a large flat brush. A tad time consuming but the results are quite worth it.
The other qualm I have with this foundation is that the finish tends to get quite patchy and cakey after around 4-5hrs of wear. I set my foundation using MAC MSF Natural and I find that after a couple of hours, the areas around my nose and my cheeks would look like power floating on top of oil. If I don't set the foundation with powder, my face gets really really shiny after 3-4hrs =.="


Damage: I don't know how much this retails for in Japan, but online it goes for anything between $40 - $56
Verdict: A light feel foundation with good coverage, beautiful finish and no oxidation. However, I don't think it's suitable for oily skin as its oil control properties are really quite poor as evident from the patchy finish after a few hours of wear. Would be a good winter foundation.
Price is also quite steep.


  1. Thank you for your review. I stupidly got sucked into buying this foundation at the Kanebo counter in China even though I clearly know I do not need any more foundie. And it has backfired because I seriously do not like it, and because like you said, it doesn't apply very well. I tried to use it with a sponge and I guess that sorta works, but I still prefer my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix.

  2. its a good color match though! and it covers imperfections well. you're right, maybe it'll work better in winter? good luck! :)

  3. Hmm it does seem to effectively work as a coverup, but that powder floating on oil affect sounds like a dealbreaker to me!

  4. Aww, too bad it doesn't have any oil control but the coverage looks pretty good :)

  5. Thanks for popping by :) I LOL when I saw your comment hehe :) yeah I guess I do have a lot of spot issues, those existing ones and prevent more of those popping up :).

    With Sun Spot it is those black or brown or light brown spots, I think we all got them as we can't prevent our skin's visibility towards the sun but as we age those spots appear onto the surface of our skin more and more that's why I have to depress those already existing ones and prevent new ones... being women is such a hard job hahah :)

    Thanks for the review for this light foundation, sounds great especially the no oxidation part, I have combination skin almost every single foundation I have tried oxidises on me, even bb cream oxidises on me too .... I'll try that when our winter comes in Australia :)

  6. hmm few hours of cakey isn't very good. I tend to stay away from foundations like that since I got oily skin! thanks for the review, I know to stay away from it :D

  7. Great review! I think the color match is really good, and it gives you a really pretty flawless finish.

    Oh, Sheila is such a sweetheart!

  8. Really pretty on you! :) Your skin looks absolutely flawless :D

    Hahah, stalkery things huh? That is so funny! :p Hoarding gum wrappers is a bit much :)

  9. I bought the NARS sheer matte for my oily skin. The few times I've used it I really it. Coverage isn't as great but it did help even out my skin tone like the reviews said off of Sephora's website. I'm thinking about switching back over to it for the winter. I like that it doesn't feel like I have foundie on when I use it and the mild scent is bareable. I say go for it and buy it! ^^ hehe

    Now this foundie makes your skin look great! But then again I'm not saying much since youre just naturally gorgeous. <3

  10. the foundation looks great on you!
    i am just so amazed because i have been unable to find a foundation that covers up my sunspot under my eyes that asian women are so prone to getting

    i guess itd be great as a spot concealer vs a full faced foundation!

    your posts make my university life much much easier