Monday, November 28, 2011


In the 45mins before this photo was taken I was:
a. stuck on the tarmac for 20mins because there was no available gate for the plane to dock;
b. running from the arrival gate to collect my luggage which did not appear for another 15mins;
c. going through US customs behind a bunch of passengers from the Middle East;
d. running from US customs, dropping off my luggage, and going through airport security;
e. running from airport security to the boarding gates breaking my sandals in the process; or
f. all of the above.
Our first meal in NYC with Labbit and Domo. Do not underestimate this pizza for it cost me $25 T.T
Domo claimed that the pizzas were too big for her Domozilla stomach. She thought she'd be smart and order a panini instead. When the panini arrived it was 2x the size of her head.

We visited Labbit's work place where we acquired books with Not Suitable For Life content.
We went into a CVS located inside an old bank. It was odd to say the least.
We acquired wing rings from Accessorize and formed the Wing Ring Club.
I made Tine2 go with me to the Museum of Natural History. We got charged student admission and Tine2 rolled her eyes a lot when I pointed and squealed at every dinosaur fossil. BTW that is the fossil of a Deinonychus - what Mr. Spielberg tried to pass off as a Velociraptor.
I think that little guy in the front is totally giving me Pucky face.

Because Springboks, Kudus and Wildebeest roam in my back yard.
Sushi in NYC.

Mr. Jobs passed away the second day we were in NYC. iSad.
Shake Shack Burger!!! Twas delicious!!!
Crazy Labbit eating her chips dipped in ice cream.
I was amused by the number of strip joints and sex shops in the Time Square area. A number of these establishments advertised "peep shows" involving "real girls" and a few of those had job offer signs. I was sorely tempted to walk in and ask how much did they pay and what did the work entail.
Domo presented us with 2 bottles of O Positives. They were extremely yummy. I subsequently lugged the empty bottle home much to the confusion of the airport screening people!
The temperature hit 30C for the last few days we were there. This resulted in numerous pit stops for bubble tea and froyo.
A very ironic shop placement. (For those who don't know, Jenny Craig is a celebrity endorsed weight loss program)
All Tine2 wanted to do on her birthday was visit MUJI. She wants it to be known that she almost fell to her death and became alligator feed taking this photo.
Tine2's birthday cakes from Tine1.
Our dinner from Wholepaychequefoods.
The "poof" is alive and well.
I got assaulted by 2 check patterned peacoat wearing neighbours inside Zara.
Our taxi would inevitably pull up next to taxis carrying signage like the above.

Proving how much of a cat lady I am, I made friends with the neighbourhood kittehs.
My last meal in NYC - Lobster roll from Chelsea Market. Omg it was so good!!
I took the above photo at Newark airport to remind Domo that she needs to send me cupcakes.


  1. Your terminal was more interesting than mine - I got a Jamba juice, so I ended up taking a nap on top of my luggage. XD;

    That grate totally scared the crap out of me -.-; But MUJI was worth it, even though I am still wondering if I should have bought one of those clear drawers to take home. NEver mind that I had absolutely no space for it!

    The pizza was good! Although since dodgy pizza from last night I am wary of tomatoes. White pies forever!

    Aw, the neighbourhood kitties that loved you.

    And tee hee. Hey neighbour. XD;

  2. LOVE the pictures! Thank you for sharing this with us! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I'm so envious!

  3. Ugh!

    I miss NYC soooo much! </3

    Love museum of natural history! I was bummed we couldn't spend more time. Next time I go, I plan on going to the MET and having a bowl of frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity :).

  4. I need to visit NYC one day! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics!

  5. Jearous! Totally wanna go to NYC! Looks like you had fun!

  6. Looks like a great time. Shopping, eating, kitties, good company ... what more could a girl want?

  7. Woah looks like a fun trip! I forgot how long ago you went b/c I was thinking what the... why is it so warm haha

  8. GREAT pics and commentary! AND KITTEHS! What more could you ask for!!

  9. Love the captions and the photos! NYC looked like a load of fun.. minus the inital arrival of course :3

  10. What a great time in NYC with gal pals...the best way to visit the big apple ;-)

  11. Omg, DOMO! haha Great food pics! Hmm, I have a feel it was ALL OF THE ABOVE. I don't know why but it was oddly specific how you've written it LOL

    NY looks fun!

  12. i pick f. hey at least u didn't lose your luggage!

    FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!! why u make me hungry at 1am?! even though i just ate enough italian food tonight to feed a small village somewhere.

  13. loving this virtual holiday with u girls
    hope i can do it for real with u guys someday

  14. the funny commentary. What a fun trip you had! =D

  15. Wah, sounds like you had quite an adventure before you finally got out of the airport. o_o Trooper!

    NEW YORK CITY! Love the pics! Such a fun city filled with lots of buildings, food, and shopping~ :D

    Muji!! I remember visiting there~ wish they had them here in CA.