Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Deadly Sins Challenge - Greed

Yasumi rounded up the troops recently for another makeup challenge. This time the theme was the 7 Deadly Sins.
Yasumi's Wrath:
Jian's Gluttony:
Yumeko's (snobby bitch) Pride:
Justine's Envy:
 Vicky's Sloth
Catharine's Lust
And finally, my take on Greed.
Justine gave me the idea of using Midas and his golden touch. Let's just say I went very happy with the gold dust and Photoshop filters.
"My precious, my precious Marygold!" cried he.
But Marygold made no answer.
Alas, what had he done? How fatal was the gift which the stranger bestowed?
The moment the lips of Midas touched Marygold's forehead, a change had taken place.
Her sweet rosy face, so full of affection as it had been, assumed a glittering yellow color, with yellow tear drops congealing on her cheeks.

Oh, terrible misfortune! The victim of his insatiable desire for wealth, little Marygold was a human child no longer, but a golden statue!


  1. Oh my! You brought the fable to life.

    So much gold. I love this! :) You did a fantastic job!!!

  2. So original! I love it! And I really like the gold around your lips too, it looks surreal!

  3. Wowww!! You did a awesome job, perfect interpretation of greed!! <3

  4. LOVE your greed interpretation :D

  5. I love your tag on greed and being inspired from that picture. You did an awesome job!

  6. you gals rocked the challenge! you look awesome :D

  7. I love this!!

    I am sorry for my late comment! I must have been away when you posted? I love the twist on the concept...brilliant!

  8. i updated my blog post and realised i never commented duh! so here i am

    loooove how u did this and the interpetatiion is FAB