Friday, November 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and Adopt A Polish

Please read this post with this video on full blast. 
Nikki from Nail Polish Canada nonchalantly asked me the other day if I would like to review a polish from the new Deborah Lippmann Holiday collection. I sent back an email full of garbled expletives and exclamation marks. A week later, this little bottle of wonder arrived. (By the way, I am totally convinced they have a bunch of elves in their employment. How else can you explain polishes arriving 1 day after they've been mailed??!!)
From thumb: Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy; over China Glaze Frosty; over China Glaze Cleopatra; over NOX Twilight Black Tie; and over OPI Black Shatter and Cleopatra.

Named after Rod Stewart's 1978 hit, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy consists of medium sized red hexagon glitter suspended in a clear base. I don't know if this polish is intended to be worn alone or as a top coat, but in order to get complete coverage, I had to do 2 coats and then strategically blob more glitter particles where it looked a little bald. Layered, it looks best over a dark base as a light base tends to make the red glitter, to quote Justine, "look like measles". Layer it over a gold foil or glitter for a really festive look! Personally I prefer it alone, the scale like look of the glitter pieces makes me think of some glorious red reptile xD
This needed a good 2-3 coats of top coat for a smooth finish.
Wear time is surprisingly long for a glitter. Most glitters tend to chip off in chunks on the 2nd or 3rd day but this one wore for a solid 5 days before I removed it. Removal is a bitch so foil the heck out of it.
While some might find Do Ya Think I'm Sexy to be more craft glitter mess than mullet shaking, Lycra clad sex god, I really love how it looks on its own and it's definitely going to make more than one appearance on my fingers this holiday season!
So, do ya think I'm sexy?

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  1. It does look like measles! Or red blood cells. Sparkly, shiny, red dots. I prefer the look of it alone (where it looks like red armour).

  2. Haha...that website is hilarious XD Cute concept. ;) Gotta love Rod and his BIG The red glitter is so pretty! Way perfect for the holidays :D

  3. LOLOL! 'Measles' eh? Well, I agree actually. I like it by itself and over sparkle! :D

    So so pretty. I wish we had this kind of amazing iniative in England. maybe we do I just don't know about it xD

  4. I am usually hesitant about glitter nail polishes D;
    I might have to check this one out, its very pretty!
    Thanks for reviewing it!

  5. Oh wow. It looks so pretty despite it being a bitch to take off.

    and adopt a polish. TOO CUTE.

  6. Very festive colour!! i looove the gold and red combo.

  7. Nice glitter polish!

  8. I like the look of this on it's own the best. It looks like an armadillo from hell. Wonderful!

  9. Amazing mail polish! Really love it. I especially like how it looks on its own, as well as with the gold!

  10. Great review! Good to know about the white thing b/c I was thinking to try layering it over white as well lol. I really love the layered over black polish look - it looks very glam and edgy.

  11. nice review! it looks like the red can go on anything and look good. haha I still haven't received mine yet, I guess the elves didn't get on my order!