Monday, September 19, 2011

Sponsored - EOS Adult Blue Circle Lenses

Shoppingholics kindly sponsored me with a pair of the EOS Adult Blue circle lenses for review.
I'm kind of a circle lens n00b, so please bear with me for this review.

Lens details:
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Shoppingholics is a Malaysian based online shop which stocks a large variety of Korean circle lenses and Asian beauty products. EOS, GEO, Candy Magic and Barbie Eye are just some of the brands of circle lenses that they carry. Shipping is extremely prompt; it took less than 2 weeks for my lenses to be delivered. The lenses come in an adorable box securely cushioned in bubble wrap. Shoppingholics also included a cute animal lens case and a pair of hair velcros.
The lenses themselves are slightly thicker than my regular Acuvue Oasys lenses but surprisingly comfortable. I was able to wear these lenses for 6hrs with no irritation.
There was very little to no enlargement of my pupils as these lenses don't have a dark limbal ring.
The colour varies between a dark navy in low lighting to a bright piercing sapphire in strong lighting. Of course, being Asian, there's no way blue lenses would look natural on me, but if you're looking for something striking to wear on a night out, or looking to dress up as a Fremen for Halloween (*gasp* is that a Dune reference?!) then these lenses would do it. Personally I quite like the way I look with these lenses, I just have to make sure I balance it out with the right amount of makeup xD
EOS Adult Blue vs. no lens

Do you like my new, even shorter haircut? xD
Products used:
My skin actually looks like crap right now but the Chanel Matt Lumiere is made out of something miraculous and manages to make me look somewhat acceptable. Lashes used are ES Clear Band lashes in A111 kindly sponsored by KKCenter review of those are coming up soon!
P.S. can someone please tell me whether or not my skin appears unnaturally orange in my photos? On my laptop they appear fine but on my work monitor I look like an oompa loomp. I don't know which one to trust T.T


  1. Bombshell!

    Oh I'm sorry, was this a review for contact lenses? Because I got totally distracted by the pretty eye makeup.

    And the HAIR. So tempted...

  2. Ooo I like the color of these, although yes totally unnatural haha. Who wears colored contacts to actually fool people??

  3. You look awesome with those lenses! You make-up is beautiful and I LOVE your hair too!

    P.S. you don't look orange at all, don't trust that work monitor of yours XD


  4. ooh, loooove your hair and the eyeshadows you used!

    circle lenses usually scare the crap out of me, but these ones aren't so bad!

  5. I've always wanted to wear coloured lens' but alas, my eyes don't seem to like them at all.
    I only wore them when I had to, events with water, roller coasters, or when I knew I wanted to wear sunglasses the whole day.

    but damn. love the blue on you~! you did find a nice way to balance the blue. lovely work :)

  6. i think you pull off the blue really well - they are dramatic but in a pretty way ^^ Love how you did the makeup for it too!

  7. Your skin does not look orange at all. The lenses really make your eyes pop and the eye makeup is really fitting. Good job with the falsies too! :)

  8. I LOVE those lenses! I think your foundation looks just right - love the eye makeup!

  9. Pretty! The blue looks great on you!! xX

  10. Those lenses look very .. bright LOL. I love your new (shorter) hair ^^ It suits you! :) I love the eye make up you have too ^^ Very glittery~

  11. You look lovely!! Though the blue is unnatural for Asians (heh), you pull them off so well! Love love love your eye look! Super pretty. :]

    Your skin looks just fine. ^^

  12. i have the same lenses :D totally love it

  13. Your eyes look stunning, Nunu! It's a perfect look for a night out. I love the sparkle of the cream shadows a lot!

    Also, really like your short hair! So flattering for your eyeshape!

    And no, your skin doesn't look orange on my computer here! :)

  14. I don't think your eyes look orange at all.

    I'm in love with your eye makeup!!

  15. eyes to kill indeed! amazing makeup and contacts :)

    also loving your short hair!

  16. The contacts are so pretty on you! I can't stop staring at your eye makeup though - the shimmer is so gorgeous! I really want a pair of the EOS Adult series lens, but their prescription lenses powers aren't strong enough for me :(

  17. The blue is so intense!

  18. Love that blue on you! I think Asians with blue lenses are always so gorgeous ;)

  19. Wow, they look absolutely striking on you. Beautiful!

    On a totally unrelated note, love your hair!!

  20. Hi! New reader here. I'm more interested in the contact case haha. It's so cute. Where is it from?

    1. Wow that is so cool. You can also get the various collections of Acuvue Oasys from Contactscow.