Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend getaway - Harrison Hot Springs

My apologies for the humdrum and gathering dust on this here blog this past week. It was kinda sorta our anniversary so Mr. Nunu and I snuck away for a few days of much needed quiet time.
Harrison is located in the Fraser Valley about a 90mins drive from downtown Vancouver. The picturesque village is famous for its natural hot springs and for being the home of the Sasquatch - yes as in Bigfoot.
While there, we did as little as possible, venturing outside only in search of food or for a sunnier spot to flop down our embarrassingly pale city dweller bottoms. We came back looking like Dr. Zoidberg and a bit uncertain as to how to operate a rice cooker.
The resort that we stayed in had 3 outdoor and 2 indoor spring fed pools. The water temperature varied between 26C to 40C. We basically hopped from one pool to the next until we got tired at which point we just lolled about on the lounge chairs. Yes it was a blissful few days.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous during our stay:

We stayed at the Harrison Resort and Spa:
This backdrop of woody mountains was our view:
 Yes I actually managed to get a tan! I no longer look like a corpse!
 I managed to sneak a photo of the indoor pool when no one else was there xD
We ate at the Crazy Fish Bistro on our first night. The food was a bit pricey but since it's a tourist area that's to be expected. The fish was a bit dry and overcooked imho but the crab cakes were amazing!
Crab cakes:
Crazy Fish Hot Pot:
 Trout fillet (yes that is a piece of grilled watermelon xD):
 Next meal was at the Wild Cat Grill. Casual food but pretty tasty and the prices were unbeatable!
Crab stuffed mushroom. Yes there's mushrooms under all that cheese!
 This is called a "Silly Billy" and it consists of 2 breaded veal cutlets topped with mushrooms on a baguette:
 I had the "Cat's Meow" which was a rotisserie chicken breast with pesto sauce and baked with cheese...mmmm cheese.
Those on my Twitter were regaled with my breakfast in this....uh....charmingly quaint "restaurant". Dude I saw someone smash a pie for breakfast. An apple pie.
 This is the Canuck version of "eggs & bangers":
We then decided to take an impromptu hike...
 signs of Autumn:
 To the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls:
 Very aptly named no?
 Just so you know, I climbed all the way up in flip flops!!! I nearly died ok.
 I leave you with this photo of me breaking the law:
Regular posts resumes next week.


  1. i've never been to harrison hot springs! i must remedy that someday...

    the food looks dee-lish!

  2. One day I will go on a romantic getaway to Harrison hot springs AND I will eat crab cakes ALL DAY LONG. I cannot resist crab cakes!

  3. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!! We used to go to HHS all the time when I was a kid! Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. NuNu. Hope the Kittehs didn't miss you too much!

  4. Wonderful photos especially the foresty ones...the colours are sublime x

  5. Happy anniversary to you and Mr nunu ^^~ the photos look amazing!

  6. Gorgeous photos! The view is amazing and the waterfall! <3

  7. Hi there! I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all the makeup reviews, I love them! I'm currently reading all of your previous posts! :D

  8. What a lovely place for a getaway!!!! And the food looks delicious!! :] Glad you had a wonderful time.

  9. that last pic XD Happy Anniversary to you two! What an awesome place to celebrate. Really love the hot springs, food, and water fall. :D

  10. LOL love the picture in the end. I can't believe you climbed in flip flops! These pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing. I'm starving because of all the yummy food spam.

  11. Wow! The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. The water falls so prettily among the rocks. I think a poet would find inspiration in any of these heavenly masterpieces that nature's hand created. Hehe! I'm getting sentimental here..

    Shanae Buckner