Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash Review

$10.99 at Artie Beauty or $11.40 on Sasa
Promises to:
"Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash is a velvety face wash which can remove dirt thoroughly. With nano-particles of high purified rice Ceramide which is rich in vitamins and minerals, leaves the skin clean, soft, moist and transparent.
Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash also protects the skin and improves its immunity against impurities. Gentle to skin, no fragrance, no coloring and no mineral oil are added."
I'm on a Sana kick lately. You can't blame me, as they have some seriously awesome products at very budget friendly prices.
I picked up the Sana Konuka Bubble Face wash because I've been intrigued with face wash nets for a while but being too lazy to create my own foam, it seemed like the next best thing xD.
The Sana Konuka face dispenses as a thick foam thanks to a special dispenser nozzle. The only other foam cleanser I've tried was the Aveeno Foaming Cleanser and compared to the Aveeno, the Sana foam is less dense and retains more of a "bubble" quality whereas the Aveeno produces thick dense foam that feels not dissimilar to shaving foam.
I've heard that some find the Sana too harsh and leaves their skin feeling tight, so those with sensitive or ultra dry skin might want to avoid it. On my combination skin it gives me that "squeaky clean" feeling which I quite enjoy for Summer xD.
As you can see in my little experiment below, the ability of either foam cleansers to remove makeup is quite shite hence I only use it in the morning when I don't have any makeup on.
Overall, I like the Sana Konuka Bubble Face wash and the novelty of washing my face with bubbles amuses me greatly but being the lazy, can't-be-bothered-with-two-different-cleansers type, I don't think I would repurchase this.

Left: Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash. Right: Aveeno Foaming Cleanser

Assortment of waterproof and non-waterproof makeup:
After Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash:
After Aveeno Foaming Cleanser


  1. Bubble face washes are really popular right now. I think people in Asia are saying regular wash is too harsh but bubbles are really gentle. ^^ It's too bad about the makeup removal though. I hate two step MU/face wash but I do it just to make sure I removed my sunscreen. Such a pain in the behind though lol.

  2. I really loved the Konuka rice wash and this has been around for some time so it must be doing something right...right? I agree that it doesn't take off make up but very few cleansers do. I use oil cleansers for serious make up removal.

  3. I used to use bubble face wash, it wasn't strong enough for me, it felt like it didn't do much. The Aveeno looks like a winner, will definitely want to try it!! xX

  4. I've been loving washing my face with bubbly foam, it's so fun!
    It's a shame it doesn't remove makeup well, thanks for the review ^^

  5. Ooh~ I think I need to find me a bubble enhancing face wash. Sounds like so much fun! XD Thanks for this review!

  6. thanks for the review! guess I will avoid since I have sensitive/dry skin. Have you tried the Sana moisturizing toner? Its better than Hada Labo...can't wait to finish HL and go back to Sana.

  7. Oh I had no idea the Aveeno one was literally foam too! I'm not a huge fan of these bubble face washes; bubbles just are too wimpy to get all the makeup gunk off of my face!

  8. Foaming cleansers are nice but I agree with you about it not being effective in removing makeup alone. (I always have to precede it with a cleansing oil) Good thing you're able to use it in the morning so it's not totally wasted!

    (Thanks, babe! =)

  9. Great review!